5 Best Pet-friendly Rugs for Dog and Cat Owners

5 Best Pet-friendly Rugs for Dog and Cat Owners

Area rugs that are harmless for kids and pets have grown in popularity. If you have a dog, you may be wondering if a rug for your dog is the right choice. Here are a few things you must consider when deciding on purchasing rugs for dogs.

Things to Consider While Purchasing Rugs for Your Pet

Type of fiber: The first consideration is the type of fiber used in the rug. The type of fibers in a pet-friendly rug should be chosen carefully. Additionally, the material should withstand stains and odors.

Color: The color of the rug also matters. You can find rugs for dogs in neutral or dark colors, or choose a textured one.

Pile height: A high-pile rug will not be very durable against messes that your dog can create. A high-pile carpet is more susceptible to damage and digging. If you choose a rug with a high pile, it will be difficult to remove the stains.

A lower-pile carpet is less likely to be damaged by chewing. Generally, a pet-friendly rug will be a low pile rug.

Maintenance: A rug that you aspire to may not be washable, so you must look for a rug that can be swept or vacuumed. If your pet has an accident, you can simply hose it off in the backyard or air dry it.

A good choice for rugs for dogs is one made of wool. This kind of rug is a great choice for households with large dogs or those who have a small pup.

Stain-resistant: If you’re looking for a rug that won’t show stains or attract pet hair, you’ve come to the right place. Luckily, there are numerous rugs for dogs and pets that won’t show stains and hair. Here are 8 options that won’t attract a lot of attention from pets.

Choose the Best Pet-friendly Rug for Dog or Cat

The Stain Resistant Khema2 Grey

The Pet-friendly, Khema2 Grey Area rug is flat-woven using wool, which is a highly durable material. It is available in a wide range of sizes, including extra-large rectangular rugs. This rug is easy to install, maintain, clean, and is resistant to stains and mildew.

Aesthetically, it amplifies the décor with its high-low texture and fascinating geometric pattern.

Kista Natural Pet-friendly rug

Kista Natural pet-friendly area rug is flat-woven with wool and viscose to ensure safety for pets. This is one of the best rugs for dog, and is easy to clean. The best part is that it won’t leave lingering stains or odors, and you can vacuum it with ease.

Lake Placid Charcoal dark pet-friendly rugs

Dark-colored rugs are more likely to hide pet hair, so choosing a dark-colored rug will hide them. The Lake Placid Charcoal rug will be the best choice if your pet is not yet potty trained.

Additionally, the wave pattern on the rug and the embedded curves will lend an artistic touch.

The durable Khema4 Light Grey Area Rug

If you are more concerned about the durability of rugs for dogs, consider the durability of a thick-pile rug. It won’t scratch and mark the rugs even if your dog’s claws can catch on the edges of a carpet.
Also, it will cease to compromise on beauty with its stripes and poxes running across the surface of the rug.

The Low Pile Manchester Multi Area Rug

Having a pile height of 0.5 inches, the Manchester Multi area rug is one of the best rugs for dogs.
To add to it, the simple yet beautiful horizontal stripes ensure that you do not have to compromise on the aesthetics.

A high-pile wool rug is not the best choice for pets. A high-pile rug will be too soft for your pet to handle. It’s hard to keep pets off of a floor and can cause injuries if your dog tries to scratch the rug.


If you’re looking for rugs for dogs that can also withstand a lot of use, a thick and durable fiber will last longer than a weaker one. However, make sure it is suitable for your pet’s lifestyle.

Choosing from especially made rugs for dogs, you can protect your carpet and prevent stains while keeping it looking beautiful. Also, it’s important to choose a rug that is safe for your pets.

A low-pile rug is safer for your pets than a high-pile one, as your dog’s claws can catch on the edges of a carpet. Moreover, a low-pile rug will not trap your pet’s paws and will not be a safety risk for your home.

Choosing a rug with a pet-friendly material is important. If you have a pet at home, you need to choose one that is made for pets.

15 Best SmartHome Devices for the Ultimate Automation for Your Home

15 Best SmartHome Devices for the Ultimate Automation for Your Home

Are you a Jetson Wannabe?

It was not that long ago, relative to human existence LOL, that we would watch TV shows like the Jetsons and Star Trek that featured futuristic smarthome gadgets and innovations that we only wished we could have.

They had all these cool things that were just dreamed up by writers at that time and what incredible visions they had.

One cool gadget after another would suddenly appear and we were in awe. They had things we still can’t make and they sure had a hand in shaping our future.

The futuristic Jetsons cartoon from 1963 was full of labor-saving home automation devices that just grabbed our imaginations and took us for a ride.

They had spectacular gadgets like a robot vacuum cleaner, smartwatches, video calls, drones and flat-screen TVs.

smart home gadgetsCan you remember wishing that you had some of those gadgets? Maybe you were a Jetson wannabe.

The gadgets were pure fantasy but we all felt like it was all possible and maybe someday it will happen.

So, the future is here and below are some of the ways you can take advantage of the most advanced home automation innovations today to make your new home a smart home.

1. The Smart Hub

If you have a large luxury home, you will probably get a company to install an integrated system for you.

Some of the popular platforms they use are Crestron, Savant and Control4. These are complex that require professional installation.

To install a system yourself, there are many smart hubs available and the list will keep growing but for the sake of this article, we will stick to the 4 most popular Amazon Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant.

There are some excellent smarthome devices listed below here but the first thing you probably need to do is choose a platform hub for all your smart devices.

If all you want to do is have smart lights then you don’t need a hub. If you want to do things like have a smart lock, and turn on the lights whenever the lock opens at night, then you will need a smart hub.

A smart hub is also referred to as a personal assistant and one of the main advantages of having one of these is that you don’t have to carry your smartphone around all the time.

You can just activate commands using your voice. “Dim the lights please.” Please is optional.

Best Smart Home Tech

Amazon Echo – Available at Amazon


Samsung SmartThings Hub

Samsung SmartThings Hub – Available at Amazon


apple homepod mini

Apple Homepod Mini – Available at Apple

Google Nest Hub

Google Nest Hub – Available from Google Play

Do You Need a Wall-mounted Controller for a Smart home?

Your home automation setup can be controlled from your computer, smartphone or tablet. A wall mounted a controller is not required but it is nice to have one in a fixed position. Imagine that someone is at your door and you want to see who it is but you left your smartphone upstairs. It’s nice you know you can go to your wall-mounted controller. You can install several of these in your home if needed.

Brilliant Smart Home Control

Brilliant SmartHome Control at Amazon

The Brilliant SmartHome Control is one of the best. Just replace a light switch with the Brilliant controller. It has beautiful touchscreen panels and built-in Alexa making it easy for everyone at home to control all the connected devices, lighting, thermostats, cameras, intercom and more. It is compatible almost any smarthome device.

2. The Smart Doorbell

ring smart doorbell

Ring – Available at Amazon

You don’t even need to walk to the front door to see who is ringing the doorbell anymore.

The newest smart doorbells offer tons of cool features that lets you monitor and even converse with whoever is at your door without even being at home.

They are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, assuming your home has already been hardwired to accommodate one.

Once it is installed, you will wonder how you ever lived without a smart doorbell, as they are wifi enabled and connected to other smart systems throughout your home.

3. Locks with Smart Features

Rook SmartLock

Rook SmartLock – Available at Amazon

Adding a smart lock to your front door will increase security. Smart locks are typically keyless and touch-activated.

You can lock and unlock your door from your phone, in addition to basic features like automatic locking – a great feature if you’re the kind of person who often loses their keys or can’t remember to give a spare set to your dog walker.

Passcodes can even be created separately for each person who needs access to your home. The smart doorbell is the perfect solution for an added layer of security and ingenuity at your front door.

The ROOK™ 5-in-1 Smart Lock (picture above) has several valuable features including Custom Auto Lock Timer, Unlock with Smartphone, Fingerprint Scanner, Touchscreen Digital Keypad, Key Cards (included), or Keys (included).

It also has Low Battery Status Alerts and a Backup Power Plug.

4. Cameras for Both Indoors and Outdoors

Geeni Freebird Wireless Cameras

Geeni Freebird Wireless Cameras at Amazon

Cameras are one of the most innovative home technologies today, primarily because they increase house security.

Although cameras are often used solely to record what takes place outside a home or to keep an eye on pets when the owner is away, they are actually very useful home security tools (even fake ones). In addition, they’re now much cheaper to buy because of their popularity.

Geeni Freebird Wireless Indoor/Outdoor WiFi Security Camera (picture above). It’s a Rechargeable Battery-Powered Home Security Camera with 1080P Night Vision/Waterproof, Motion Detection, 2-Way Audio and it works with or without a smart hub.

5. Using Smart Thermostats

wyze smart thermostat

Wyze smart thermostat at Amazon

Smart homes also focus on energy efficiency.

With a smart thermostat, you can replace your home’s current thermostat, which monitors your energy usage over time to determine how much and when your home is typically heated or cooled.

Smart thermostats generally adjust the operation time on their own, limiting energy consumption when you’re not there.

You can also use apps that connect to these devices so you can monitor daily and monthly energy usage and make small adjustments for significant energy savings.

6. Smart Water Sensor

Here’s a must-have for serious peace-of-mind seekers.

Smart Water Sensor

Smart Water Sensor Available at Amazon

Simply place these sensors near or under anything you want to monitor.

They’re ideal for monitoring toilets leaks, water heaters, laundry machines, sinks, fish tanks, dishwashers and sump pumps. Add any other spots in your home that could be vulnerable to water leaks and flooding.

6. Outlets with Smart Technology

Smarthome outlets

Smart home outlets at Amazon

When it comes to energy conservation, did you know that even when you aren’t using your electronic devices, they still consume power? Often referred to as vampire power, standby power wastes energy over time.

When you use smart outlets, you can take back control of your energy consumption and set up automated rules for this type of energy usage that align with your lifestyle and habits.

This way, you can stand up to vampire power. Besides smart outlets, a truly energy-efficient smart home will also have smart power strips and lights.

7. LED Bulb and Sockets

Smarthome sockets

Smarthome sockets at Amazon

This is one of the simplest yet most efficient ways to make your home automation feel smarter.

LED light bulbs use about 50 percent less energy than traditional bulbs, and many of them last for decades.

Replacing your old bulbs with LED ones is a simple and cheap project that will save you money on both energy bills and bulb replacements.

A wide variety of dimming options is available with LED bulbs, especially when compared to fluorescent bulbs.

With the smart sockets above you can connect and control the lights through your smart hub so you can use voice commands, use group control so you can control several at once, set timers and much more.

You can add sensors so that lights turn on when you enter the room and off when you leave.

8. Smart Smoke and CO Detectors

Google Nest Smart Smoke Detector

Google Nest Smart Smoke Detector at Amazon

Smoke alarm batteries no longer emit the “beep, beep” of a dying battery. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that are smart are constantly charging themselves, which ensures they will always function.

There are a few other benefits, too, such as the ability to detect smoke precisely and to notify you via mobile phone if the smoke detectors go off while you are not home.

Many of these detectors can also be integrated with smart thermostats where the heating system will be automatically shut down if smoke or carbon monoxide alarms go off, preventing a worsening of the situation.

The prices can get a little expensive, depending on how many you need to buy, but they are well worth it when it comes to efficiency and peace of mind.

Google Nest Protect – Smoke Alarm – Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector (picture above).

A friendly voice gives you an early warning when there’s smoke or CO in your home. It also sends alerts to your phone when you’re not home.

9. Indoor Herb Garden

Indoor Garden

Indoor Garden – Available at Amazon

Have carefree indoor garden for up to 6 plants. It’s easier and 5 times faster to grow your herb garden indoors with one of these.

The AeroGarden Harvest is an indoor garden with LED grow lights and a control panel that tells you when to add water, and plant food. It automatically turns lights on and off.

10. Ventilation Fan with Motion Sensor

Ventilation Fan with Motion Sensor

Ventilation Fan Available at Amazon

Have a the ventilation switch on when you walk in the room and turn off 5 minutes after you leave. Super convenient and a real energy-saver. There are some fans that activate by a humidity sensor if that is more of a priority.

11. Smart Air Purifier

Smart Air Purifier

LEVOIT Smart Air Purifier at Amazon

Fill you smart home with purified air. Make sure you get a purifier that is ultra-quiet: This LEVOIT Smart Air Purifier has no lights or noise, just air purifying at it’s best.

The HEPA filtration system relieves allergies, asthma and dry throats by trapping 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns in size. Just set it and forget It in Auto Mode.

It will sense any change in PM2.5, and automatically adjusts fan speeds.

12. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

iRobot Roomba

iRobot Roomba – Available at Amazon

It is estimated that we spend approximately one and a half to two and a quarter hours each day cleaning and maintaining the house. Isn’t that a lot of time spent cleaning when you could be doing something else?

With smart home technology, you can at least save time by skipping vacuuming.

Robots vacuum your home regularly to remove dirt, crumbs, pet hair, and other debris before manually returning to their charging stations.

The best part is that they don’t need to be installed. Once the charging dock has been set up, it is ready to go.

13. Smart Garage Control

Smart Garage Opener

Smart Garage Control at Amazon

Open or close your garage from anywhere and give access to neighbors while you’re away. Don’t worry about whether you shut the garage door, just schedule it to close every night.

14. The Personal Assistant

If you took the advice above and got yourself a smart hub then you’re all set to get start creating your smart home. You now have a personal assistant.

You can order your groceries, turn on your stereo, and put your favorite song on your stereo with just a touch of a button without having to get up from where you’re sitting.

Virtual assistants today come in small devices that you set on your kitchen counter or nightstand.

Using a system such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant can make your day-to-day easier if you want to automate your home and life.

If you have your credit card connected, it’s easy to order products but be careful not to let the kids too chatty with Alexa! It could get expensive.

15. Kitchens with Smart Home Technology

You can’t exactly ask your kitchen to make dinner for you yet, but you can access your fridge online so you can see what’s inside it while you’re at the store or listen to your Spotify playlist while you’re making cookies.

Take the time to decide what items you would benefit from most so you can create the best smart home possible for your needs.

In addition to these smart slow cookers, there are also smart plates and forks to help you monitor your food intake when you are watching what you eat.

Always forgetting to update the essentials on your shopping list? When you throw out items, the smart garbage can scans their barcodes and adds them to a list you can take with you.

As you can imagine, nearly every kitchen appliance has a smart home version. Check out Multo By CookingPal (picture below).

It’s a Smart Compact Countertop Multi-Functional Food Processor with guided recipes and built-in wifi. It chops, kneads, steams and cooks. It’s an awesome All-In-One kitchen gadget.

Multo By CookingPal

Multo By CookingPal at Amazon

How to Choose The Best Smart Home Gadgets For You

Creating a smart home in your new home doesn’t have to be done all at once if it is not in your budget.

By adding more features, though, you’ll be able to reap one of the biggest benefits of the best smart home technology: integration.

Many of these systems interface with each other, so that your security systems, energy efficiency systems, and even your kitchen gadgets (for example, a new LG refrigerator can tell your dishwasher when you have a lot of dishes).

The time has come to live in the house of the future if you have always dreamed of it. The popularity of smart homes is increasing rapidly, and many new and renovated homes will soon include smart features.

Discover which options work best for your home, your budget, and your lifestyle, then turn your home into a space that’s both comfortable and efficient.

A Nod to One of The Greatest Innovators of All Time

Thanks to courageous and innovative minds like Steve Jobs, we are here enjoying so many of those things today.

There have been many, brilliant innovators and contributors through the years.

Steve Jobs is mentioned here specifically because it seems like the iPhone was an incredibly significant turning point in technology.

It just opened up many more possibilities for faster innovation.

The iPhone inspired innovative developers to dream up ideas that could tap into and piggyback off this amazing new technology.

An just like that, everyone in the world could be connected to each other wirelessly.

The speed at which other technologies have advanced since the iphone release in 2007 is astounding.

We can do so many things on a smartphone now that it is just commonplace and we would have a hard time getting by without them.

It seems like Smartphones are the remote control to our lives.

We use them to lock our doors, turn on the lights, do our banking, change the room temperature, monitor our homes, and oh yeah, even talk to people. Thanks, Steve!

If you feel that any of these installations are too advanced, consider taking a brief course at Udemy.

They have very inexpensive courses in Home Automation.

There are also many home automation installation services that you can hire to install these devices for you.

Check out our recent post about Cool Accent Wall Ideas.

I this article we discussed smart electronics, smart home automation products, home tech, home technologies, smart home sensors and more. Come back soon for more on home automation setups and scenes.

Seeking The Perfect Mid Century Modern Desk

Seeking The Perfect Mid Century Modern Desk

A mid century modern desk can be a great way to dress up your home office. There are so many different types of furniture available in this decorating style that you should be able to find one that fits in with the look you are trying to achieve. Choosing the perfect modern desk isn’t always easy though. You have to know what style you want, where it will go, and how much money you’re willing to spend to get it.

Unlike other furniture, a desk requires to you to make choices with a high priority on functionality, not just aesthetics. One of the most important is whether you need it to have storage or not, and you so, how much storage. Maybe you just need a single drawer to store pens and paper. If you need a bank of drawers to store file folders then you will be looking at at whole other range of styles.

Decide what functionality is important before you go and make any purchases. A cheap desk with no drawers may not be the best choice if you plan need to access a large volume of documents frequently. You could spend a lot of time going back and forth to your filing cabinet. Obviously, the more features a desk has, the more it will cost. You’ll need to decide if the benefits outweigh the additional cost.

Most office furniture stores will have a few different kinds of mid century modern desk models for you to choose from. Try looking at a few made by vintage furniture manufacturers to see what they have to offer. Vintage reproductions can give you a very classic look without high cost of a vintage mid century modern desk.

Here are some excellent desks we rounded up. Click on images to learn more or purchase…


mid century modern desk
mid century modern desk
mid century modern desk
mid century modern desk
mid century modern desk
mid century modern desk
mid century modern desk
mid century modern desk
mid century modern desk
mid century modern desk
mid century modern desk
mid century modern desk
mid century modern desk

Mid Century Modern Desks – Vintage vs Antique

Sometimes the terms Vintage and Antique are used interchangeably but they are not the same. Vintage furniture whether it is restored or not is between 20 and 99 years old. Antique furniture is 100 years of more. Then there is the term collectible which is more a measure of it’s demand and historical significance.

If you prefer affordable modern designs, check out online stores like Amazon. We have a list of several other excellent furniture retailers below. They often have small offices set up for home offices. These aren’t usually as comfortable as a larger home office, but they are a great option if you just need a simple but stylish desk. They are great for people who only use their home office for a few hours per week. They come in a variety of sizes and price ranges, so shopping around shouldn’t be difficult once you know what you want.

Online stores like Anthropologie, West Elm that offer higher quality and more luxurious styles. Check out the style and specs and then decide which one you like best. It can be hard to decide, but try to visualize where you would put the desk in your home. When you get it delivered and set it up you will know for sure if it’s going to work for you. If not, should be able to return it. Be sure to check return policies before purchasing. Sometimes you can contact the website via email, phone, or live chat. This gives you the advantage of speaking with someone in person before giving them any of your personal information.

Before making a purchase, you should definitely try using a couple of websites to compare prices and to see what type of desks they have available. If you haven’t done so already, make sure you have measured your room so you know whether the desk will fit nicely into your space. It’s a good idea to use a free room planner app so can be sure that you consider all the elements in your will accommodate your new desk perfectly.

It can be hard to choose what type of mid century modern desk you want to use. There are so many options out there! The key is to figure out which design is right for your office, whether it is going to be for business or personal use. Once you find that perfect piece, you will surely have a nice looking desk for many years to come.


There are some excellent retailers that sell mid century modern furniture online.

Amazon actually has an excellent selection of affordable Mid Century bedroom furniture to choose from.

Where to find Mid Century Modern Furniture

Smart Furniture
Burke Decor
2 Modern
West Elm
Design Within Reach

The Magnificent Loveable Moon Chair – Still Comfy, Always Cool

The Magnificent Loveable Moon Chair – Still Comfy, Always Cool

Moon chairs have a long and illustrious history in the world of interior design. They have become a symbol for alternative design and unconventional thinking in many circles. Their rise to fame can be traced back to 1960s when style was in revolutionary stage. Such style was a response to the “sterilized” look of the American suburbs. This new look was characterized by rounded shapes, loud colors and simple designs.

The Moon chair, also known as the Saucer chair, Bowl chair and several other names has evolved from the original chair called the Papasan Chair which has its roots in the Philippines. The original Papasan chair was made of wicker or rattan, had a circular or moon shaped design and appealed to people who prefer minimalist designs.

Moon chair

History is unclear about when or who designed the original Papasan Chair but Pier 1 stores picked it up and popularized it in the U.S. in the 1970s. It appealed to bohemian tastes, they were modestly priced and fit right in with the other popular decor styles of the period.

The Moon Chair – you know it’s comfortable just by looking at it.

Moon chairs have a special place in the hearts of many. They are a great alternative to regular lounge chairs. It is meant for seating one person at one time. They are available in different styles and designs as brands create their own beautiful variations on the original style. If there is one reason they have been popular for so long is that when you look at it, you just know that it’s going to be comfortable to sit in. And yeah – it looks cool.

Moon chair

They are great for anyone who is in pain and needs a way to relax. The comfort from these chairs can help reduce to reduce stress and anxiety. When you are comfortable, you are more relaxed and focused and these chairs will help you relax immediately.

If there is one complaint about these chairs, it is that they can be difficult to get up from. This is more true of the older designs. Most of the newer designs are tilted to keep you a little more vertical.

Modern Moon chairs can be created out of modern and contemporary materials like stainless steel and molded plastic with a padded or tufted cushion included in the design. Moon chairs can also be made out of natural materials such as wicker, rattan, and wrought iron. Any material that allows for free movement of the back is a good candidate for a moon chair.

Moon Chairs. aka Saucer Chairs. are designed to give maximum comfort to the person who sits on them and of course you can find varying degrees of comfort with the different designs available today. Some styles have minimal padding while other are extremely soft. Some of them look very stylish, while some others may not look so attractive at all.

Here are a few inexpensive Moon Chairs available from Amazon

Papasan chair
Moon chair
Papasan chair
Moon Chair

Most Moon chairs of them are available in plain colors, but you can find almost any fabric you want and if you already have a Moon chair you can probably update it by purchasing an new cover to go over your existing frame.

In addition to comfort, the design of these chairs also help in giving a distinct style statement to your home. Depending on your taste, you can choose from various styles such as the conventional moon shape, crescent moon shape round shape or butterfly shape chairs.

The comfort level of moon chairs depends upon the type you buy. The fabric quality will also affect the comfort level. Therefore, if you have some special preferences, you should ask for the right information before making a purchase. With the right information, you will definitely be able to find the right kind of moon chair that can enhance the look of your room as well as offer the best comfort level.

Saucer chair

They can really transform the look of the whole room. They can also just blend in. It depends on where you place it and what fabric you choose. If your room decor is Minimalistic, Boho or any variation of Mid Century Modern, then a Moon Chair will be likely fit right in.

With so many different designs and styles available today, you are sure to find the right moon chair for you. Take some time to consider how you want to use your new furniture and then shop around for the best price and design for your needs.

Be sure to check out our post about Mid Century Modern Accent Chairs.

The Ultimate Guide to Mid Century Modern Bedroom Furniture

The Ultimate Guide to Mid Century Modern Bedroom Furniture

Updated Dec, 30, 2021

If you have been dreaming about decorating your room with Mid Century Modern Bedroom Furniture you’re in the right place for some stunning inspiration. The right furniture from this time period can add life and energy to the space it is in. It can add style and beauty as well as functionality to the room.

The Mid Century Modern style is simple, practical and can transform your room into something truly sensational. You can choose from a variety of directions depending on your tastes. Although Mid Century Modern Bedroom Furniture that is made today is inspired by the the original designs there are so many creative, modernized variations that you don’t have to make your look vintage if you don’t want to.

home decor ideasYou may remember several TV shows like the Brady Bunch that had classic Mid Century Modern Furniture. Then of course it was just called modern furniture. The popularity of the “Mad Men” series certainly gave the vintage mid-century style a huge boost in our current era. Fans of the show were delighted each week with stunning mid-century interiors, starting from kitchens through bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and offices. If you want to create that kind of vintage feel you certainly can but you can also mix it with contemporary styles like Boho, Farmhouse and others.

If you dream about a mid-century modern bedroom in your house, keep reading to find some stunning inspiration.

Background of Mid Century Style

home decor ideas

The inspiration for mid-century style has its roots in German Bauhaus and the International style that was blooming in pre-war America. While war brings pain and destruction, it can also change whole societies.

Thanks to a significant increase in economies and technological advancement, the way Americans lived changed. People migrated from rural areas to the cities, which caused the suburbanization of the country. Modern properties were quickly built and demand for stylish furnishings grew.

Characteristics of the Mid Century Style

An important element of the Mid Century style is functionality. Form follows function. The sleek lines with organic and geometric forms are are important hallmarks of Mid Century style. Fancy ornamentation is almost non-existent, just clean simple lines and shapes, and clutter is a no-no. Ample space must be between each piece of furniture.

To give some extra spark to this style, designers often use contrasting materials and bold colors. A huge influence on the way furniture looked was a newly invented material: plastic. Designers didn’t use it to imitate wood but for the plastic itself.

How to Decorate Your Bedroom to Look Like the set of Mad Men, or not.

While creating a mid-century space in your home, be aware that if you choose vintage furniture you could end up making your room look a TV set from the 1960s. If that is what you want then go for it. If you admire the era but don’t want to make it look so extreme, consider buying one vintage style piece of furniture and complimenting it with more contemporary furniture.

home decor ideas

Note that getting authentic Mid Century Modern Bedroom Furniture might be very expensive. If you want to know where you can buy this furniture in all price ranges, we have some resources below.

Be sure that you understand the main features of the style. Try not to mix it with cluttered or richly decorated interiors, as they can overwhelm the style you want to show. Thanks to the grown popularity of this style, you will be able to find Mid Century Modern Bedroom Furniture that suits your needs, budget, and interior.

The first thing that you need to do before purchasing any type of furniture for your bedroom is figure out where you plan to place it. If there is ample wall space, you may want to try hanging a mirror or adding an armoire if you need more storage space. You may also want to add a small night table for your personal effects or books and other things that you would like to lay out on the bed.

There are also many great bedroom accessories to choose from. You can find clocks that have different faces or colors and use them to reflect a theme or express your personality. You can also find pillows that have unique shapes or have patterns on them to make a statement as well.

Even picking one large piece, for example, a bed, can give your bedroom a spark that you are looking for. If you decide to purchase more items, be sure that you don’t mix too many patterns and colors, especially for wooden pieces.

home decor ideasAnother important thing to consider when shopping for a mid century modern bedroom furniture is durability. The reason that you want to purchase this type of furniture is to keep your room looking timeless. It should be made of high quality materials that are durable and look beautiful for years. Some of the more common materials used to make this furniture include metals, plastics, and wood.

Plan It Around the Bed

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in any bedroom. It has to be comfortable, but also fit your room size and not take up all the space. Beds inspired by the mid-century are often platform style but there are so many beautiful contemporary variations, so take your time while picking a perfect one. You can do some research on the offers or even find inspiration on Pinterest. This way, you can choose the one that you really want to have.

Choosing that first key piece of furniture will make the rest of your purchasing decisions easier because it immediately narrows down your options.

With a stylish bed, you can immediately add a mid-century vibe to your room and start looking for furniture and accent decor to complement it.

Here are a few beautiful and affordable beds available from Amazon…

mid century modern bedroom furniture
mid century modern bedroom furniture
mid century modern bed
mid century modern bed

 Give Your Bedroom Light

Bedroom Nightstand LampThere’s now question that lighting has a tremendous impact on the ambience or mood of a room. You’ll want to get this right in the bedroom. You need functional lighting but you also need ambient lighting. Adding mid-century pendants to your bedroom can bring it to the next level.


Wall Sconce

The classic mid-century pendants are made of glass or metal. Usually, they are shaped like a cone or sphere. You can also find various geometrical forms that are going to suit your bedroom perfectly.

If you were minimalistic with the furniture, you can get a bit “over the top” with pendants. Pick organic shapes or some bold colors to add some character to your mid-century bedroom.

Add Extra Storage Space

If your bedroom closet space is limited, think about an extra storage space that can hold your clothing, personal belongings, etc. An armoire can be a great choice for that. You can put it by the wall to create some space dimension.

home decor ideas

Consider a multi-functional piece like the one above that offers storage space as well as a small desk. The one is available brand new from Amazon. If you are up for a little refinishing, you can often find pieces like this at second-hand furniture shops and thrift stores. 

Black, white, warm brown, and beige are the colors you are looking for to create an interesting mid-century bedroom. On the antique market and in reproduction stores, you can find various cabinets. Some of them have two vertical doors and shelves, while others are taller and have pull-out drawers. Think about which one would best suit your needs. You can also consider smaller pieces like a storage stool or storage bench to go at the foot of the bed.

The best part of investing in a storage furniture is the fact they are movable. You are probably not going to move your bed, but if you want to change the place of your cabinet, that’s not a big deal and if you move, you can take it with you.

Mid Century Modern Dressers

A Mid Century Modern dresser is a great addition to any modern bedroom. There are so many elegant designs and that will always be in style and you can find them at any price level. If you’re looking for something inexpensive, IKEA is a good place to start as most of their designs are Mid Century inspired.  Below we will take a look at several different ways that this type of furniture can help you create a more modern living space.

We have a more in-depth article on this topic that you can read here.

Here are some of you favourite Dressers:

mid century dresser
6 Drawer Mid Century Modern Wood Dresser - Walnut

Mid Century Modern Accent Chairs.

We also have a separate in depth article on this topic that you can read here.

Here are some of you favourite Accent Chairs:

Mid Century Modern Chair 4
Mid Century Modern Chair 5

Mid Century Decor Accessories

Putting in the final touches can be a lot of fun. Abstract paintings are another hallmark of mid century style and you can really affect the overall feel of the room with artwork. All prices apply here. You can find beautiful inexpensive prints at many online stores like Amazon or Ikea. If you like to collect art then here are some sites for you.

home decor ideas

Available at Amazon

Bedding or rugs are an important addition to any bedroom. In the case of mid-century, it is all about geometry and colors. Circles, rectangles, and ovals in various colors are some of the most common motifs in mid-century accessories.
mid century modern bedroom

Available at Wayfair

You can shop at several different stores to find the perfect pieces for your needs. You can compare prices at home and in store to help you make the best decision. Be sure to read online reviews to see what other people think about the furniture and it’s quality.

When you are buying furniture it is important to make sure that the style complements the rest of your room and of course that the dimensions are going to fit properly in your space. Take the time to get it right. It will be worth it.


Creating a mid-century modern bedroom doesn’t have to be hard. The best part is you have a lot to pick from. Whether you want to invest in original, vintage furniture  or pick modern replicas, you can easily find what you are looking for.

In addition, you don’t have to redesign your whole house or even redo an entire room. Sometimes one piece of unique furniture or bold accessories can transform your room into a beautiful space. One where you are going to have wonderful dreams.


There are some excellent retailers that sell mid century modern furniture online.

Amazon actually has an excellent selection of affordable Mid Century bedroom furniture to choose from.

Where to find Mid Century Modern Bedroom Furniture

Smart Furniture
Burke Decor
2 Modern
West Elm
Design Within Reach

Mid Century Modern Dresser – New & Vintage

Mid Century Modern Dresser – New & Vintage

Looking for a Mid Century Modern Dresser? If you have a love for the Mid Century modern decor style, you’ll have fun decorating your room into a unique space that you will love to spend time in. There are so many great new and vintage Mid Century furniture options that can make your home look beautifully eclectic, elegant, and modern.

A Mid Century Modern dresser is a great addition to any modern bedroom. There are so many elegant designs and that will always be in style and you can find them at any price level. If you’re looking for something inexpensive, IKEA is a good place to start as most of their designs are Mid Century inspired.  Below we will take a look at several different ways that this type of furniture can help you create a more modern living space.

Where to Find a Mid Century Modern Dresser

If you’re into authentic vintage furniture there are some examples near the end of this post. If you like the vintage look but want something more affordable, here are a few examples of Mid Century Modern Dressers that look vintage but they are new…

6 Drawer Mid Century Modern Wood Dresser - Walnut

Details on Amazon

If you are someone who likes a more open floor plan then a contemporary piece of furniture is going to be the perfect option for you. This style of furniture is ideal for those who like an eclectic living space. This type of furniture gives you plenty of storage options so that you are able to keep most of your clothing in one neat location.  This beautiful piece has a vintage look without the vintage price tag.


home decor ideas

Details on Amazon

One other Mid Century Modern Dresser style that you may want to consider has a medium brown stain and metal handles as well as knobs. This can be a great way to create a very chic style in a room when you have enough wall space. It will give your room a simple elegant look and provide ample storage space for your clothes and its classic style will always look modern.


mid centrury modern dresser

Details on Amazon

One other style of modern dresser that you may want to consider is the tall style.  This is a beautiful piece with a dark finish. This can be a great way to create a very chic style in a room that typically smaller and does not have a lot of color. You may find that this type of furniture can give your room a very clean and simple look that is perfect for a room that has a lot of glass. Adding some abstract wall decor made with wood can really give your room a spectacular eclectic look.

mid century dresser

Details on West Elm

Mid-Century Modern Furniture is a great choice for just about any room. You will be able to find just about any style that you are looking for online. You may also be able to find a great deal if you shop at office supply stores in your area. Department stores may carry a few different options but you will probably have to try them out to see which ones work the best for your needs. It is always a good idea to measure up the space where you plan to put one of these beautiful pieces so that you know what kind and size of furniture to get.

Collections of Beautiful New Mid Century Style Dressers

We rounded up some more beautiful bedroom dressers to choose from. Check these out…

Mid-Century Vintage Dressers

A Mid-Century Modern Dresser is a great addition to any home. If you are a collector you will find that mid-century vintage furniture is a fascinating area to explore. One relatively new site that caught our attention is Chairish.com. They have a large collection of really unique new and vintage furniture and accessories as well as custom furniture.

Vintage furniture can be expensive but it’s an investment since the value will likely increase.  Here are some beautiful pieces we found on Etsy…

mid century vintage dresser

Lane Burl Long Dresser Credenza Mid Century Modern

Details on Etsy

mid century vintage dresser

Lane Oak Dresser Brutalist Paul Evans Style Mid Century Modern

Details on Etsy


mid century vintage dresser

Details on Etsy

You can dramatically change the decor of a room very easily by adding one of these beautiful pieces. The styles are varied and you can be sure to find one that will blend in with the style of your other furniture.

Be sure to check out our post about 11 Inspiring Modern Bedroom Design Ideas.

10 Beautiful Christmas Home Decor Ideas

10 Beautiful Christmas Home Decor Ideas

Whether it is traditional Christmas carols, angel Christmas lights or something a little more eclectic we rounded up some Christmas home decor ideas and items for some fresh inspiration.

While it can be tempting to go for the tried-and-true, original Christmas decor, you might want to consider adding a twist to your classic Christmas decorations this year. After all, isn’t it time to try something new this year? With the holidays fast approaching, your choices for how to decorate your home and Christmas tree have increased dramatically. Not only have do you more choices, but you also don’t have to leave home to get anything you need for this special holiday.

While most people stick to the classic themes of snowmen, Christmas trees, and stars, there is a growing trend of decorating with non-traditional themes this holiday season. You can choose to go with a more earthy color schemes such as a Christmas tree decorated with colorful succulents, ivy and pine needles, green and red leaves, or you can choose to go with a wintery theme that includes snowflakes and snow-white decorations. Whether it be a more earthy color scheme or a more wintery theme, these more unique Christmas decor trends will add a refreshing twist this coming holiday season.

Other Christmas home decor ideas that you may be aware of include: decorating your home with ‘everyday old’ presents – such as toys that have been given out every year or ones that are still in good condition, but look brand new. There’s also a trend towards decorating with ‘something borrowed, something new’ and this includes buying second-hand items and re-using everyday objects for your home decor. Finally, another trend that has become popular with families looking to add a little extra Christmas spirit into their homes this holiday season is to add traditional elements to their homes that can then be used year after year.

Traditional Christmas wreaths and stockings are always popular and can be used year after year. You can also buy beautifully wrapped gift boxes, complete with small toys and treats inside!

Here’s a small collection of our favorite Christmas decor items this year. These beautiful look great with any Christmas decor and most of these items will look great any time of the year. Explore lots more when from the link below.

Large Handmade Dough Bowl
Large Handmade Dough Bowl – $54.99 | Decor Steals


Classic Farmhouse Christmas Tree Skirt, Pick Your Style
Classic Farmhouse Christmas Tree Skirt, Pick Your Style – $36.99 | Decor Steals


Rustic Style Metal Holiday Bell | Antique Farmhouse
Rustic Style Metal Holiday Bell – 15″ $30.00 & 17″ $31.50| Antique Farmhouse


Inspirational Ornaments, Set of 6 | Antique Farmhouse
Inspirational Ornaments, Set of 6 -$38.00 | Antique Farmhouse

Set of 3 Golden Diamond Shaped Vases – $200.00 | Burke Decor LLC


Naked Louise Vases in Various Sizes & Finishes
Naked Louise Vases in Various Sizes & Finishes – $35 | Burke Decor LLC


Cluster of 9 Round Serving Bowls Gold – BURKE DECOR
Cluster of 9 Round Serving Bowls Gold – $147.50 | Burke Decor LLC

Spike Pod Napkin Ring
Spike Pod Napkin Ring – $17 | Burke Decor LLC


Bloom Placemat in Various Colors
Bloom Placemat in Various Colors – $10.50 | Burke Decor LLC

Wooden Bakery Cart, Pick Your Color
Wooden Bakery Cart, Pick Your Color – $349.00 | Decor Steals

Have a great holiday!

Best Ergonomic Office Chairs For Your Home Office

Best Ergonomic Office Chairs For Your Home Office

Ergonomic Office Chairs are designed to enhance the human body’s posture and decrease strain on the lower back, mid-back, shoulders and feet. When shopping for ergonomically designed chairs, it’s important to take into consideration not only how they will look in your office, but also how they will feel when you use them. There are many different types of office seating options.

These ergonomic chairs come in many different styles and colors, so finding the best one for you should be relatively simple. Ergonomic chairs can be found for the den, office, family room, or your home! You can find these in almost any color of the rainbow from subtle blacks and whites to bright and vivid blues and purples. Ergonomic materials and construction provide support, cushioning, and comfort. They are built to last for many years and should last you a lifetime if you take proper care of them.

We have something for everyone here, starting with some top-of-the-line Ergonomic Office Chairs…

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is one of the most well known ergonomic chairs on the market. It is made of leather and is one of the most comfortable chairs on the market. If your budget allows, try to get the top of the line ergonomic executive chair for your needs. These chairs are usually constructed of durable, supportive but flexible material that conforms to your unique body shape.

Smart Ocean Chair

The Smart Ocean Chair has many features that will help your office chair stay comfortable for long hours of work. It features form-sensing, mesh technology to instantly adjust to, and move with, every unique user. It is very roomy and offers ample back support. You can order this Ergonomic chair with or without arms depending on your preference. The optional arms come in fixed or adjustable height options.

Cosm Chair, Dipped in Color

The COSM Chair, Dipped in Color by Herman Miller is everything that an ergonomic task chair should be. It makes pressure-point free sitting intuitive and automatic. Increase your productivity as you sit in comfort for those long workdays. It can be purchased with or without arms.

Siento Executive Chair

Siento is designed for high-end work environments, it has no exposed hard parts that could damage nearby wood furniture. No assembly required, the Siento Executive Chair is ready to use out of the box. It’s one of the higher priced office chairs but the chair’s seat and back ergonomics are hard to beat in such a professional-looking chair.

Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair

The Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair has a sleek base and 2″ thick seat pads that provide outstanding comfort. It has a lightweight aluminum frame that is mounted on a 5-star base with a tilt-swivel mechanism, seat height adjustment and casters for enhanced mobility. The classic design is distinctive and the quality and comfort are exceptional. This exquisite chair is available in a variety of exquisite leather upholstery options. 

Here are some high-quality affordable options…

Sporty Executive High-Back Leather Chair, Black

Get the comfort you need to perform your work tasks in this stylish Black Leather Chair, fitted with ergonomic side bolsters for added support. This chair has lumbar support for optimal back positioning and integrated cushioned leather headrest along with space to breathe. It also features  padded leather armrests. The sloped edge cushioned seat reduces pressure points at the back of your knee. This chair also has height adjustment and a spring tilt mechanism. This versatile chair is a great addition to many spaces: home desk, work office, or conference table.

Expedite Highback Office Chair

This contemporary style Adjustable Office Chair will be a perfect addition to your office or study space. It has a bit of comfort, a bit of style incorporated with a padded seat and a mesh back with a multi-position lock mechanism.  The black color finish with chrome tone provides a complimenting and a ravishing touch to it. It has a 360-degree swivel and gas lift mechanism will ensure a greater degree of comfort while balancing your workload when it becomes strenuous. You can easily adjust the seat height to suit your needs and the built-in footrest offers comfortable lounging while you participate in those long phone meetings.

Executive Office Chair

This executive office chair features a breathable mesh back and a lower back lumbar support that makes you sit relaxed in a comfortable office chair that adjusts according to your needs. A mesh back allows air to freely circulate, keeping you cooler while you work. Refresh your office with a compelling seating choice that makes a sleek and stylish statement. Designed to keep the ergonomic style in mind, the adjustable lumbar pad, armrest, and headrest will keep you focused and comfortable during long hours at work. It supports the weight limit of 250lbs.

Whether you work at home or at an office building, you should always try to find the best ergonomic office chairs to meet your needs. Make sure that you find a chair that fits well in your space and makes your long days easier and more comfortable!

Spectacular Modern Floor Lamps – Our Favourites

Spectacular Modern Floor Lamps – Our Favourites

Although floor lamps are a utility they can also add a distinctive look and powerful impact on the overall feel of a room.

We have rounded up some of our favorite modern floor lamps down below.  We will be adding more as we find them. Enjoy…

From Smart Furniture

From Smart Furniture

From Smart Furniture

Contour Floor Lamp by Pablo Designs

If you love minimalist design as much as we do, you will love this exquisite extruded aluminum floor lamp. The minimalist design has been refined to the bare essentials. This remarkable design has a presence that grabs attention in a room but is also subtle and unassuming. If you want something special, it doesn’t get much better than this.

From Smart Furniture

From Smart Furniture

Tagus Floor Lamp by Uttermost

We love this curvaceous beauty is a classic arc lamp style with an elegant suspended round drum shade covered in off white linen fabric. The beautiful arc is made of brushed nickel-plated metal with a matte black foot.

It stands at 82″ tall  and the shade is 5″ high x 20″ in diameter

From Burke Decor

Haute Floreal Floor Lamp design by Lazy Susan

This truly unique floor lamp is a Gold And White Marble Haute Floreal Floor Lamp made of Metal, Glass, and Marble
The dimensions are 70″ H x 12″ W x 12″ L

From Burke Decor

Tripod Floor Lamp

This is one of our favorite minimalistic designs when it comes to floor lamps. It’s simple, elegant and the metal frame around it give it a stylish character.

It has a wrought iron finish over steel and is 23″ X 24″ X 11-1/2″. The ascot white fabric shade has a nice black contrasting trim.

Modern Coffee Tables to Elevate your Decor – Our Favourites

Modern Coffee Tables to Elevate your Decor – Our Favourites

On a typical day you probably don’t think about your coffee table any more than you think about the last Stop Sign you rolled through. If your coffee table wasn’t there however, you would certainly notice. Your living room would probably look quite strange.

A coffee table is an essential part of the living room decor and it can really elevate the design of the room. The design options are endless so knowing where to begin can be difficult when choosing the right coffee table for your living room.

Choosing the right size is the most important and ideally a coffee table should be about two-thirds of the length of your sofa.

What coffee table shape should you choose?

If you have a small room, the best choices are rectangle or oval. You may also want to consider a nesting table so that you can easily have more space when you need it.

Square and round coffee tables are great for large seating like a sectional. A coffee table should be about the same height as the seats on your sofa. When you place the table, is should be 12 to 18 inches away for the table so consider how much space you have available. And since it’s going to live with you, make sure like it. 

We have rounded up some of our favourite modern coffee table designs down below. Enjoy…

From Burke Decor

From Burke Decor

Perry Coffee Table in Ebony

Looking for drama? This gorgeous coffee table is framed by deep ebony sides topped with a unique starburst texture and encircled by bright brass rings. The dimension are 40″ W x 40″ D x 15.5″ H.

From Burke Decor

From Burke Decor
From Burke Decor

Evelyn Round Nesting Coffee Table

Perfect for a small space as well as a larger space. These sophisticatd slim iron and polished white marble nesting tables deliver compact funtionality and modern adaptable appeal. Large table measures 36″W x 26″D x 16″H. The small table measures 28″W x 28″D x “14”H.

From Burke Decor
From Burke Decor

Dillon Coffee Table in Weathered Salvage Grey

Thsese beautiful, modern coffee tables are made with slabs of weathered acacia giving it a smooth yet distressed feature to it’s seemingly understated shape.The natural lines of salvaged wood, wrap around soft-sculpted corners. On one side is an inventive modern utility spacious slide drawer. The subtle architectural details deliver on form and function. The dimensions of this striking piece are  52″ W x 26″ D x 15.5″ H

From Burke Decor
From Burke Decor

Tinsley Square Coffee Table

This large square natural textured Australian hardwood table maintains it’s elegance accompanied by slim copper-finsihed iron legs giving it an airy open intriquing look of balance. The dimensions are 41″w x 39″d x 16.25″h

From Smart Furniture
From Smart Furniture

Noguchi Coffee Table

An iconic low Noguchi three legged table with but two legs. This is a legitimate piece of American sculpture. The legs are formed by elegant wood “canoes”and are mirrored images underneath making the overall effect powerful and expressive. The dimensions are 41″w x 39″d x 16.25″h

From Smart Furniture

From Smart Furniture

Check Round Glass Top Coffee Table

Let your living room make a statement and create compelling visual focal points with this gorgeous coffee table.

Finish irregularities, slight grain and subtle differences in stain shades  in the base of this elegant table, highlights the beauty of the solid wood and are considered hallmarks of quality. The measurements are 42″ Dia x 16.75″ H

From Modshop

From Modshop

Kubist Coffee Table

This one of a kind  Kubist Coffee Table featuring smoked glass and solid oiled walnut. Due to hand-cut placement and the nature of differences in wood grain, no two Kubists will be identical. The dimensions are 90″ W x 28″ D x 14″ H 

From Modshop


Amp up your room with this modern flaired coffee table. This gorgeous solid butcher block walnut table top along with brass X-legs gives any space a unique and dramatic flair. The dimensions are 51″ Wide / 27″ deep / 13″ Tall.

From Smart Furniture

From Shopango

Coffee Table Gemini

Looking to brighten up your home, this Gemini Wood Contemporary Coffee Table with it’s contrasting white and walnut faux wood grain paper veneer finish, will add charm and style at a discount price. Stylish slim black legs and metal drawer pulls give it a contemporary modern feel.

From Smart Furniture

From Shopango

From Shopango

Coffee Table Edel

If you’re looking for a vintage style coffee table look no further. The Edel is comprised of a sturdy wood frame in a warm walnut brown. Lots of storage with a large drop-down compartment and one open shelf to store  all your living room essentials. All the rage now are gold tones and they are displayed elegantly in the legs and handle knob. The large tabletop is great for entertaining. A unique balance of storage and vintage feel, the Edel coffee table is a welcome adddition to any home.

Stylish Comfy Sofas – Our Favourites

Stylish Comfy Sofas – Our Favourites

If you have been reading our blog, you have probably noticed that our tastes lean toward clean and simple modern styles. What can we say, we’re just attracted to good design that is simple and good quality. The appeal never fades. 

Our modern tastes apply not only to decor but especially furniture. Many of the classic furniture designs in the modern era come from Scandinavia and Denmark in particular.

Designers like Arne Jacobsen who gave us the famous egg chair as well as many other classic designs. The world-renowned Hans Wegner who designed over 500 chairs in his lifetime is a legend in mid-century Danish design. 

What we really love about the designs is that they stand the test of time and always look great in a room. This post focuses on sofas but future post will include chairs, tables and much more.

We have put together small collections of our favourites. We hope you enjoy.

Grammercy Sofa 

home decor ideas

Elegant style with luxurious comfort  and durable upholstery. Simple clean lines featuring a black iron base that give it a casual chic look. It is available in various colors.

Bloor Sofa

home decor ideas

This sofa make you feel comfortable before you even sit in it. It has a simple design with big comfy cushions and big soft arm to rest your head on. It is available in various colors.

Eve Sofa

eve sofa

Beautiful sleek design with elegant vertical tufting makes the Eve sofa very unique. The thick seat cushions make it super comfy to sit on. It is available in various colors.

Westwood Sofa

westwood sofa

Elegant style with luxurious comfort  and durable upholstery. Simple clean lines featuring a black iron base that give it a casual chic look. It is available in various colors.

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