Practical Tips for Putting a Home Office Together

Practical Tips for Putting a Home Office Together

The increasing popularity of remote work has made home offices an essential environment for many people. A good home office will provide people who work from home with a space that allows them to focus on their work and be productive. This is especially true for people who are self-employed and run an entire business from their home office.

But building a home office that caters to your exact needs can be difficult because of the number of factors to consider. Your budget, the size of your office, your taste in style, and what you’ll be doing in your office will all have an influence on how it should be designed. So, whether you’re a self-employed start-up or you work for a large agency from home, here are some practical tips for putting together the perfect home office.

How to Set Up a Home Office Space

Don’t Sacrifice Function for Form

Remember, your home office should adapt to you, not the other way around. You should feel like your workflow fits naturally into its design. Think about what you would normally do in your office and find furniture that makes it easy to do those tasks. For instance, if you spend most of your day drawing designs or blueprints, then be sure to purchase a desk wide enough to comfortably draw on.

However, remember that the opposite is just as true. Your office doesn’t need to be dull and boring in order to be functional. Productivity can still be pretty if you take the time to carefully consider everything you purchase for your office. Don’t just purchase a desk because it meets your needs. Instead, write down the dimensions and all of the features you loved about the desk and search for more attractive desks with those specifications. This will ensure that your office is both functional and easy on your eyes.

Get Natural Light

One of the few downsides to working from home is that there are some days when you won’t have a reason to leave the house. But it’s important for everyone to get some natural sunlight at least once a day. This is why windows and skylights are so important in home offices.

Unfortunately, we don’t usually have a choice in where our office windows are located. Instead, we have to carefully design our office around the windows it already has and what light they allow in. Remember to consider the time of day when your office gets the most light when designing it. You don’t want intense sunlight to inconvenience you and interrupt your workflow.

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Install Ambient Lights

If you tend to work late nights or your office only receives limited natural light, then you should consider investing in ambient lighting. Ambient lighting is intended to provide a room with a consistent level of light without focusing too much brightness on any one particular area. In this way, ambient lighting can have the same effect on a room as natural light. There are several ways to rig up ambient lighting ranging from simple to complicated. One of the more creative ways to bring ambient lighting to your home office is to attach LED strips along the bottom edges of your desk to give the space around it a soft glow.

Keep Space and Equipment for Brainstorming

When designing your home office remember that you’ll likely end up collecting more equipment or resources. Because of this, your home office should have some empty storage space built into it so that there is room for your office to grow. If you only build enough storage into your office for what you already have, then you will run out of space very quickly in the future.

Additionally, you should have a space in your office to jot down thoughts and brainstorm new ideas. How this space is designed is entirely dependent on what environment you feel helps you to be the most creative. Anything from a cozy couch and a notepad to a standing desk and a whiteboard will work.

Choose the Right Equipment

For the most part, the equipment you purchase for your home office will depend on what you generally do in it. For instance, let’s say you run an e-commerce business and are fulfilling shipments from home. Then you’ll need a desk large enough to package products on and room to store USPS flat rate boxes for shipping. Take a moment to consider what specific equipment you’ll need in your office before finalizing any designs. But there is some equipment that is important for every home office regardless of what they’re being used for.

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Invest in a Comfortable Chair

Your desk chair is arguably the most important piece of furniture in your home office design. You’ll be spending a great deal of time in this chair so it is crucial that you are completely happy with it. Ergonomic features like lumbar support and a memory foam cushion are vital to a long-lasting comfortable chair. If you’re shopping for a desk chair online, look for products that offer a guaranteed return window. This way, if you don’t like the chair for any reason you can get your money back in full.

Use a Second Monitor

The work we do on computers typically requires a few different applications, resources, or windows. But clicking back and forth between all of these different windows can be annoying and impede productivity. Condensing all of the work we do onto one monitor is both frustrating and inefficient.

Fortunately, most computers allow for more than one display, meaning we can connect a second monitor and double our digital workspace. A second monitor will streamline your workflow by allowing you to access more applications or resources at once. This means less time is spent clicking between windows and more time is spent getting things done.

Add Some Greenery

Plants are the most overlooked aspect of home offices because their benefits can be very subtle. Plants bring a bit of the outdoors into our offices and are proven to improve moods while working. In fact, one of the primary reasons that many major offices feel so dull is because they don’t have much greenery in them. Adding plants to your office is an easy way to relieve some stress and beautify your home office.

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Built in Desk IKEA Hack – Billy Bookcase with built in desk

Built in Desk IKEA Hack – Billy Bookcase with built in desk

Updated Dec, 21 2021

“It’s truly amazing how much technology has changed our lives in the last 20 years.

I was designing my new office recently and looked around for some built in desk inspiration. Then it hit me. You don’t need all kinds of storage cabinets anymore. Everything is stored digitally. Ok, that’s an overstatement but you only need a fraction to office storage space compared even 10 years ago.

We had all kinds of drawers for documents, cupboards for CDs, cabinets for extra wiring, additional accessories and components and remember book shelves?

So here’s the crazy thing…

We bought a new house and there was an area that would make the perfect office with built-in cabinets. I love that look and I knew just how it should be designed so it would blend into the space as if it had been built with the house.

Built in Bookcase on desk

I remembered the Billy Bookcase cabinets from IKEA that I had used once before in another home.  I just needed to do a little customization and the overall project would cost under $1000.00.

A Desk Built in Using Billy Bookcases

The Perfect IKEA Hack

We moved in, I ordered the materials and built it in a weekend. I drilled holes to pass wires through, installed some nice LED under cabinet lighting and hooked up all the electronics. I finished it off with some crown moulding and voila, it turned out beautifully.

Then it was time to store all my stuff in the cupboards. Two months later I don’t have nearly enough office stuff to fill those cupboards.

They look great and they will gradually be filled household items. I guess I should be glad I have extra space to put junk when it comes. I’m ready for it.

Under $1000 for products used (no affiliate links here):
2 x Billy Bookcase Oxberg (IKEA)
2 x Billy Extention(IKEA)
1 x Linnmon Desktop $9.99 (IKEA)
1 x shelf (Home Depot) (cross piece to mount lights on)
8 x cabinet knobs (Home Depot)
3 x under cabinet lights with wireless remote (Home Depot)
1 x crown moulding (Home Depot)

Built in desk

I guess my message here is, “plan ahead”. I love the way it turned out but if I had given more thought about what I really needed to store, I might have designed it differently. For instance I could have use more open shelves making it more decorative and less functional.

Ikea hacks are simply great little ways to save money at one of their most well-known store, while making your home decor ideas come to life. Have you noticed how inexpensive Ikea furniture is? Not only do they have beautiful furniture, but the prices are reasonable and you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for without breaking the bank. So, if you are looking for built in desks ideas on a budget, Ikea hacks are just what you need because it the pieces don’t have all the elements you were hoping for, just customize them yourself.

Whether you are searching for funky, affordable or budget-friendly decorating ideas, you can find all of them online. There are so many great ikea hacks for your home! For more Ikea Billy hacks check out 18 Ingenious Ikea Billy Bookcase Hacks. Also check out this post from The Spruce The 17 Best Ikea Hacks of All Time.

Check out this amazing list of the Top 50 Best Built In Desk Ideas

Over at they have a post full of great Billy Bookcase Ikea hacks where I got some inspiration. There’s one where they transform a IKEA Billy Bookcase into a beautiful Modern Farmhouse Piece by putting shiplap in the back and painted it a beautiful blue color. They have complete lists of materials and how-to’s.

Some of the most popular hacks for the Billy Bookcase include, painting a different color, adding an IKEA shelf on desk, changing the backboard, adding trim/crown molding and adding cool handles & knobs. There’s a lot of possibilities right there.

Benefits of a Bookshelf with Built in Desk

A bookshelf with a built in desk can be an amazing addition to a room, as it adds more than just storage and much-needed functionality. It can also showcase beautiful decorative items.

Creating a focal point in a room is one of the key techniques that interior designers use when they are planning for room decor. If done right it a bookcase or bookshelf with a built in desk can be a fantastic accent wall or focal point for the room.

These custom built units are ideal for small spaces as they offer ample space for both desk and shelves. The benefits of a bookshelf with a built in desktop are numerous. Let’s take a look at some ways to this piece of furniture and enhance your room decor.

The first benefit of this piece of furniture is its capacity to store a large amount of books. These shelves can accommodate anywhere from 25 to 300 pounds, depending on their depth. You can also add beautiful doors to hide items that you don’t want to show. A mix of open and closed shelving as well as glass cabinet doors add a rich and visually interesting focal point to our room.

A desk with a built in bookcase can be a great addition to a home office as it is customized to fit beautifully into the interior of your room. A good desk with built in bookcase will provide plenty of storage space for books and other items, while also providing a place for a computer. You can place a laptop or a computer on the shelves and work on it. This way, you will not be tripping over your work papers, as they are always in reach.

A bookshelf with a built-in desk is a great choice for your home and makes great use of the space. It becomes part of the house, so it will add value to your home as well.

A master carpenter can build anything you can imagine – they can also imagine it for you. It can be very expensive but if you have a luxury home it is they way to go and worth the investment.

I hope this article was helpful and perhaps inspired some ideas for you to add a desk with built in bookcase to your home in an affordable way.

Here are some images I came across that inspired my built-in desk. Maybe they will inspire you too…

Seeking The Perfect Mid Century Modern Desk

Seeking The Perfect Mid Century Modern Desk

A mid century modern desk can be a great way to dress up your home office. There are so many different types of furniture available in this decorating style that you should be able to find one that fits in with the look you are trying to achieve. Choosing the perfect modern desk isn’t always easy though. You have to know what style you want, where it will go, and how much money you’re willing to spend to get it.

Unlike other furniture, a desk requires to you to make choices with a high priority on functionality, not just aesthetics. One of the most important is whether you need it to have storage or not, and you so, how much storage. Maybe you just need a single drawer to store pens and paper. If you need a bank of drawers to store file folders then you will be looking at at whole other range of styles.

Decide what functionality is important before you go and make any purchases. A cheap desk with no drawers may not be the best choice if you plan need to access a large volume of documents frequently. You could spend a lot of time going back and forth to your filing cabinet. Obviously, the more features a desk has, the more it will cost. You’ll need to decide if the benefits outweigh the additional cost.

Most office furniture stores will have a few different kinds of mid century modern desk models for you to choose from. Try looking at a few made by vintage furniture manufacturers to see what they have to offer. Vintage reproductions can give you a very classic look without high cost of a vintage mid century modern desk.

Here are some excellent desks we rounded up. Click on images to learn more or purchase…


mid century modern desk
mid century modern desk
mid century modern desk
mid century modern desk
mid century modern desk
mid century modern desk
mid century modern desk
mid century modern desk
mid century modern desk
mid century modern desk
mid century modern desk
mid century modern desk
mid century modern desk

Mid Century Modern Desks – Vintage vs Antique

Sometimes the terms Vintage and Antique are used interchangeably but they are not the same. Vintage furniture whether it is restored or not is between 20 and 99 years old. Antique furniture is 100 years of more. Then there is the term collectible which is more a measure of it’s demand and historical significance.

If you prefer affordable modern designs, check out online stores like Amazon. We have a list of several other excellent furniture retailers below. They often have small offices set up for home offices. These aren’t usually as comfortable as a larger home office, but they are a great option if you just need a simple but stylish desk. They are great for people who only use their home office for a few hours per week. They come in a variety of sizes and price ranges, so shopping around shouldn’t be difficult once you know what you want.

Online stores like Anthropologie, West Elm that offer higher quality and more luxurious styles. Check out the style and specs and then decide which one you like best. It can be hard to decide, but try to visualize where you would put the desk in your home. When you get it delivered and set it up you will know for sure if it’s going to work for you. If not, should be able to return it. Be sure to check return policies before purchasing. Sometimes you can contact the website via email, phone, or live chat. This gives you the advantage of speaking with someone in person before giving them any of your personal information.

Before making a purchase, you should definitely try using a couple of websites to compare prices and to see what type of desks they have available. If you haven’t done so already, make sure you have measured your room so you know whether the desk will fit nicely into your space. It’s a good idea to use a free room planner app so can be sure that you consider all the elements in your will accommodate your new desk perfectly.

It can be hard to choose what type of mid century modern desk you want to use. There are so many options out there! The key is to figure out which design is right for your office, whether it is going to be for business or personal use. Once you find that perfect piece, you will surely have a nice looking desk for many years to come.


There are some excellent retailers that sell mid century modern furniture online.

Amazon actually has an excellent selection of affordable Mid Century bedroom furniture to choose from.

Where to find Mid Century Modern Furniture

Smart Furniture
Burke Decor
2 Modern
West Elm
Design Within Reach

Stylish Home Office Ideas for Minimalists

Stylish Home Office Ideas for Minimalists


We put together some home office ideas for minimalists to create a comfortable space without a heavy price tag. Living in a small space and working from home can seem overwhelming at times. During the current Covid-19 pandemic this is especially prevalent with so many people having to work at home. It’s important to create a work space for yourself that makes you comfortable and allows you to stay distraction-free and focused on your work for as long as you need.


home decor ideas

If there is enough room as in this space, dividing the room into two sections with elegant canopy bed panels on one side of your workspace and if you’re lucky enough to have a window drapery can be a beautiful touch for privacy on the other side of your home office. This office has a beautiful green feel combining different wood elements, metal accessories and greenery, comfortable and pleasing to the eye.


home decor ideas

Not much space! Try clearing a corner in one of your rooms, there’s always room for a small desk and chair. Picking a bright colored chair, as seen here, makes this little cozy corner pop.

Sale - Up to 35% off at Smart Furniture

home decor ideas

Want to add some drama to a simple desk and chair, try painting the wall a beautiful dramatic color. Also, adding a couple of inexpensive shelves, and the right balance of photos/accessories gives this small home office a rich inviting feel, making working from home an enjoyable experience.


home decor ideas

If you’re lucky enough to have a basement where you can get a bit of privacy why not create a bright Inviting space for your home office. Purchase a contrasting color rug to the  existing carpet defines your space, it’s saying this part of the room is mine! A nice floor lamp adds brightness as well as a comfy chair that adds an inviting charm.


home decor ideas

If you’re more into a modern contemporary look this super modern desk may be the way to go. Surrounded by ultra modern elements such as the unique overhead lighting and beautiful custom made chair makes this room a real showstopper.


home decor ideas

If you are lucky enough to have room under a stairway why not utilize the space by building a custom home office. You’d be surprised just how much room you can get out of a space this size. By placing shelving all the way up this gives it a feeling of height as well as excellent storage capabilities. Painting the wall behind this look brings out all the elements in your unique home office.


home decor ideas If you have an airy bright beautiful room with lots of light why not place your desk facing the windows for just the right amount of lighting for your online Zoom conferences. This Scandinavian style desk and chair complimented by a neutral modern sofa and beautiful teal accent walls and carpet make this home office dramatic yet inviting.


home decor ideas If your thing is eclectic shabby chic why not incorporate this unique desk into your home office. Make this look a reflection of your personality. Feminine yet professional. The addition of the soft pinks really brings this look together.


home decor ideas Many of us our finding in this pandemic that more and more couples are working at home. How do you solve this dilemma in a condo/apartment. This long extended desk built for two can definitely be the remedy to your problem. The light wood desks make the room airy and inviting with plenty of home offie work space. Enjoy your time together!

If you’re be interested in more home office ideas check out our recent post about making a built-in desk. It’s an easy Ikea hack using the popular Billy Bookcase. Enjoy. 

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Here are some more home office ideas from our Pinterest boards:

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