19 Brilliant Bedroom Makeover Ideas

19 Brilliant Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Why Does My Bedroom Look So Boring?

If you’re bedroom is looking dull and tired, it might be time to fix that. We have gathered some easy bedroom makeover ideas to help you transform your boring room into a stylish one.

A lot of people don’t understand how important it is to have a bedroom that reflects their personality. They think that it’s just a place to sleep and store their clothes. But, in reality, the bedroom is often the most personal space in the house. It’s where you spend your free time and relax after a long day at work or school.

Bedroom Makeover Ideas to transform a dull room.

We gathered some bedroom makeover ideas to help you transform a boring room into a beautiful room with personality and interest that reflects your personal style. We’ll explore the most common mistakes people make when decorating their rooms and how you can avoid them.

1. It’s Important to decorate your room in a way that reflects your personality.

A room can be a reflection of your personality. It can show your taste, style and preferences. Decorating a room with items you like is not only about how it looks but also about how it makes you feel. Try adding some artwork or photos that have some meaning to you.

Decorating a room that reflects your personality is important because it makes the room more personal and comfortable for you to be in. You want to feel at home when you are in the room, not out of place or uncomfortable, so decorating it with things that make you happy will help with that.

2. Adding a Wow Factor, Just One Focal Point Please

Do people say wow when they walk into your room? No? Then try to create a wow factor.

It starts with a single focal point. If everything stands out, then nothing stands out.

When you have too many things fighting for visual attention, a room can look chaotic because your eyes don’t know where to focus.

This is why it is important to create balance and add a main focal point in a room.

When one area is the focus, other things must take a back seat and there’s a sense of balance. Then the room feels good and it might make you say “wow, this is nice”.

Continue reading to find out how you might create that focal point and balance in your bedroom makeover.

3. Furniture – To Match or Not to Match?

When decorating a room, it is always best to use furniture that complements the other pieces in the room. This is because it provides a sense of balance and unity in the space.

It is easy to buy furniture sets because it’s predictable. Some people like it that way and some find it boring.

Matching furniture can make the space look too dull and not interesting enough if it’s overdone. If that’s the case, try adding non-matching pieces like an accent chair in order to create a more eclectic look.

Don’t settle for mundane furniture. Invest in stylish furniture and accessories to make your boring room more interesting.

Consider mixing up your current furniture sets by taking items from one room and adding them to pieces from another.

The other option is to modify them in some way, such as reupholstering a few pieces or painting them.

Try swapping furniture or accessory pieces with your friends.

Combine old and new items, formal and informal, antique and vintage items to create a unique room.

Do not be limited to one particular style of decor – mix and match your style with things you love. Take it easy though. Combining too many styles can make a room look chaotic.

4. Buy Good Quality Furniture

You should not decorate your home with anything that won’t last at least 5 years.

Your room will look cheap if you use low-quality furnishings.

Don’t hesitate to get high quality items on sale at a low price, but avoid weakly constructed items.

Choose durable items that are not as trendy or fashionable, and refinish them to fit your decor style and taste.

5. Choose a Color Scheme That You Love

Bring some vivid color into your home instead of dull beige.

Avoid choosing colors that are currently trending since anything in style will soon become out of date.

Choosing a color or colors that you love is a great way to get started. Have fun with it!

If you find it difficult to choose a color scheme, a good approach is to stick with light and neutral colors for the walls and bring color into the room with other elements like cushions, rugs, furniture artwork etc. These things are easier to change than repainting the walls. Here’s another article about choosing colors for a bedroom.

A contrasting color for an accent wall could be the solution you’re looking for.

6. Add Patterns in Moderation

You don’t need to be afraid of mixing and matching patterns to create a unique look that reflects your taste. Mixing animal prints can work in moderation.

Mixing patterns is best achieved by combining at least one larger scale, one medium scale, and one small scale in similar colors.

7. Add a Variety of Textures

bedroom makeover ideas

Is everything in your room of the same texture? You may want to consider adding items of contrasting texture.

Among the items you should add are rough and smooth items, as well as shiny and dull items.

Burlap, velvet, mirror, and crystal are all great materials to work with.

8. Bring Some Nature In

bedroom makeover ideas

Nature brings a room to life with its natural beauty.

Adding a plant, some fresh flowers, or a bowl of fruit can revive an otherwise boring room.

A room must have an element that is living,  or mimics something living (faux plants)

9. Architectural Enhancements

bedroom makeover ideas

Make your room more architecturally interesting if it lacks detail.

You can make changes that reveal your personality and design style by adding intricate crown molding, unique flooring, cool light fixtures, or unique floor tiles.

10. Good Lighting is Important

For certain activities, such as reading, cleaning, applying makeup, or trying on clothes, different lighting is required.

You shouldn’t rely on one source of light throughout your room.

Make your room more interesting by adding additional sources of light, such as an overhead light. Be sure to add a dimmer switch.

It is possible to add a wall sconce, a table lamp, or an uplight to the corner of your room in order to provide proper lighting.

11. Declutter

When a room feels claustrophobic and heavy, clutter can add unnecessary stress to your life. Make sure your room is clutter-free before you start decorating

  • Clutter is incompatible with good design
  • Getting rid of stuff is the easiest way to get organized – donate, repurpose, recycle, or trash
  • If you bought these items several years ago, don’t get stuck on how much you paid because their value several years ago was probably much higher than their value today
  • Anything that does not tend to get put away must find a permanent home
  • A system for storing mail, keys, cell phones, purses, backpacks, and other everyday items should be implemented
  • Decorative baskets, furniture with built-in storage, wall hooks, decorative trays, or just cleaning out existing spaces provide more space for storage

12. Avoid Trendy Items

Worst Design trends

OUCH! Source: House Beautiful

You should avoid current trends in accessories, artwork, furniture, and other materials. We’ve all seen them. We’re all tired of them. Eventually, they will make your home appear dated.

Consider creating your own trend with unique or vintage items instead of mass produced ones.

Flea markets, garage sales and online auctions are great places to find truly unique and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Even an older item or mass produced item can be customized to become unique and special by adding something to it or removing something from it.

Try painting, adding new knobs, shortening legs, removing fringe, and changing the frame to give the piece a new identity.

13. What Makes You Happy?

To give your home a sense of personality, decorate with what makes you happy.

Put unique, professional artworks that have dogs on your wall if you love dogs.

If you’re a fan of French antique furniture, find a way to fit them into your decor.

Integrate animal prints if you are an animal print lover.

There are no rules here.

Decorate to your heart’s content and have fun with it.

14. A Well Designed Room Will Have a Focal Point

as mentioned earlier, the focal point of a room is the eye-catching item that will draw the attention of people in the room. A focal point can be something like a painting, a piece of furniture, or even an architectural design detail. A focal point provides balance and harmony to a space and helps unify it.

Here’s a great post with ideas to create a focal point in a living room.

15. How To Make Your Room Look Bigger Than It Actually Is

bedroom makeover ideas

Source: Pinterest

There are a few effective ways to make your room look bigger than it actually is. The room above is a small room but the wall art has a grandness that draws your attention to the walls, away for the floor space.

You want to use lighter colors on your walls and furniture for a more open feel, strategically use mirrors to make the room feel larger, and avoid heavy drapes or furniture which can make the space feel even smaller.

Empty space is a luxury and a it’s what makes a room luxurious. Make sure your furniture is not oversized and crowding the room. Arrange the pieces in a way that maximizes empty space.

16. Add Beautiful Curtains to Elevate Your Decor

Adding beautiful curtains to your home can be a great way to invigorate the decor and create a more intimate atmosphere.

There are many different types of curtain fabrics that you can choose from. You may want to think about what you need them for and what they will be used for before deciding on the type of fabric that would work best for you.

For example, if you want them for decoration then silk or linen may be good options but if they will be used for privacy then choose a heavier cotton that is more opaque. Choose colors or patterns that feel good to you.

Some people love vivid color while other prefer soft muted tones. This is an important choice because it can have a big effect on the room if the colors are strong and vibrant or a subtle effect if the colors are muted. This is where your personality comes into play.

17. Use Wallpaper To Make Your Room Look Exciting

bedroom makeover ideas

Source: Pinterest

Wallpaper is a great way to add some color and personality to your room. You can choose from a wide selection of colors, patterns, and textures when you go shopping for wallpaper. When you hang it up on the walls, it will instantly make your room look more exciting.

18. Choose Decorative Cushions

bedroom makeover ideas

Source: Pinterest

Cushions are a great way to spruce up your room decor. They can be used as decoration, as well as for comfort. There are many different styles and patterns of cushions available in the market today.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind while purchasing a cushion:

  1. Choose the size that will suit your needs – square, rectangle or round
  2. Consider the material of the cushion – cotton, linen or silk
  3. Check out different stores for their range of products and prices.

19. Add Personality With an Art or Photo Gallery Wall

framed photos gallery

Photo Source: Etsy

Adding art and photos will give your space a sense of personality and make it feel like it belongs to you.

The gallery wall is a popular design choice for many homes. It’s an easy way to personalize your space and make it feel unique. Read this tutorial on how to make a photo gallery wall.

How to Add Personality to a Boring Room

bedroom makeover ideas

Many homes are decorated in a very predictable and boring manner with no reflection of the personalities of the people who live there.

We hope these bedroom makeover ideas will inspire you to make your bedroom look more like you want it to be and less like a generic hotel room. Add some of your personality and decorate a room you love to be in!

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Smart Bedroom Storage Solutions – Goodbye Clutter

Smart Bedroom Storage Solutions – Goodbye Clutter

Say Goodbye to Clutter with these Smart Bedroom Storage Solutions

Have you ever heard anybody say “I have too much storage space”? Probably not. We keep accumulating more & more stuff and you gotta put it somewhere. If you had enough storage space two years ago it doesn’t mean you have enough today.

Bedrooms are particularly challenging because you have lots of little personal things and you don’t want to have clutter so we gathered up some brilliant bedroom storage solutions to help.

One of the goals of a bedroom storage solution is to free up floor space to make it feel more spacious and relaxing.

Here are some excellent bedroom storage ideas that we curated.

1. Place a blanket box at the foot of the bed

home decor ideas

A beautiful blanket box can help store any miscellaneous items, like blankets and pillows. The blanket box will also provide additional storage for out-of-season clothes. Regardless of the type of storage unit you use, don’t just fill it with junk, clear out all the things that you never use. A bedroom is more pleasing to be in if it feels uncluttered.

There are also all kinds of other beautiful free-standing bedroom storage solutions that you can find…

bedroom storage solutions

bedroom storage solutions

2. Choose bespoke built-in storage

home decor ideas

A very popular way you can make use of empty space is by installing built-in closets on the wall opposite the bed. It’s not a logical solution for renters unless you plan to stay long-term but this can make the room feel bigger and allow for more space for other storage options.

It’s a beautiful alternative to freestanding storage and makes use of awkward nooks and alcoves. Using a bespoke built-in wardrobe will make best use of every inch of space. After you’ve chosen a style of bespoke built-in storage, you can organize your closet, wardrobe, or other bedroom storage solutions.

3. Use boxes and trays

bedroom storage solutions

These items will help you sort your socks, shoes, sunglasses, and belts. Besides trays, you can also use drawer dividers, which you can buy from IKEA or Amazon. Also make use of ottomans. Using storage ottomans will give your bedroom a modern and chic appearance. The choices are limitless!

4. A bed or headboard with storage

bedroom storage solutions

There are some beds and headboards with brilliant bedroom storage solutions built-in. They provide plenty of drawer space for clothes and extra bedding, books and other personal items.

5. Use a storage solution under the bed

Under Bed Storage

If you have a large amount of clutter, you may need to keep things out of sight. The best solution to the problem is to use a storage container underneath the bed. A soft plastic bin will work well with a zipped cover works great for this. It’s a great storage solution for off-season clothing, shoes and other items that you don’t need to access everyday. This will help to keep the room organized. These solutions can also be used in other rooms. The bedroom is the most personal place in your home, so it needs to be furnished with practical pieces that make you happy.

Don’t forget about the vertical space. The wall space above the bed can be used as valuable storage. A built-in window seat with storage is a win-win with attractive style and functionality.

What are some ways to get the most storage in a bedroom?

You should add a mix of storage solutions to your bedroom to maximize storage. So you have plenty of storage options, incorporate hanging space, drawers, shelves, cubby holes, baskets, bins, and underbed storage. You should look for spaces that can be utilized more effectively and see if they can be converted int into storage areas.

For easy affordable solutions, choose furniture with multifunctional purposes like an ottoman or blanket box with storage, an upholstered window seat, a bed with storage, storage containers that fit under the bed. They can help to add to your bedroom’s storage capacity.

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What to Look for When Choosing Top Quality Bed Linen

What to Look for When Choosing Top Quality Bed Linen

How to Choose Top Quality Bed Linen

There is a wide variety of factors that go into the creation of top-quality bed linen. Most people are familiar with thread count, but this is not the only factor to be aware of.  

Many retailers will use thread count as a marketing ploy to indicate they offer a superior product. But this can be misleading as thread count is not a precise indication of quality. As a matter of fact, high thread count can even be indicative of a lower quality linen in some cases. It is like choosing a mattress, your bedding is essential to ensure you are getting a good restful sleep. Find out everything you need to know in this Nectar mattress deep-dive.

The following guide will help you make an educated decision when choosing the best linen for your needs.  

1. Choose 100% cotton 

The cheaper quality bed linen is typically made from a polyester/cotton blend. Polyester is a plastic textile and is treated with harmful chemicals that shed each time they are washed. This can have negative effects on your skin and the environment as a whole. Polyester is not a breathable cloth either, which means it will trap body odors. It also makes you hotter when you sleep and as you produce more sweat the linen creates a breeding ground for bacteria.  

2. Choose 60s Yarn “Long Staple” cotton 

Staple length and yarn count are some other very important points to keep in mind when choosing the best bed linen. Long staple cotton fibers, especially those with a higher yarn count are the choice fabric in making soft, smooth linen with a luxurious feel. Bed linen with a yarn count of 40 or less is not top quality. 

The best and most comfortable bed linen has a thread count of 60 to 80 and is the best option for achieving the balance between affordability, quality and luxurious comfort.  

Bed sheets with a thread count of less than 180 to 200 are also less than desirable. This is because they are made of a fabric which is flimsy and made of coarser materials, this can make the bedding less durable.  

If you hope to find a light and breathable linen, look for something with a thread count of between 200 and 350. Sheets made from a fabric with a thread count of 400 or higher in single ply are also a good choice. But single pick fabrics are typically more expensive because they have a more demanding fabrication process and feature a much higher yarn count of 80, 100 or 120.  

3. The weave and fabric construction ratio 

There are different types of weaves to choose as well. The two main types of weaves include sateen weave and percale weave. Sateen weave provides a soft, smooth and silky feel. Sateen also provides a better drape, an impressive luster and a luxurious feel.  

Percale weaves are crisp and can feel a bit more like paper. Percale has a matte appearance and this is not a suitable option for bedding down in warmer climates.   

The ratio of the weave is another factor that will play a role in the luster of the material. The horizontal threads also called “weft” are woven into the vertical threads called “warp”. For the best quality sheets, the ratio weave of 2:1 is the best option. This ratio makes for the most beautiful weaves and luxurious fabrics.

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The Ultimate Guide to Mid Century Modern Bedroom Furniture

The Ultimate Guide to Mid Century Modern Bedroom Furniture

Updated Dec, 30, 2021

If you have been dreaming about decorating your room with Mid Century Modern Bedroom Furniture you’re in the right place for some stunning inspiration. The right furniture from this time period can add life and energy to the space it is in. It can add style and beauty as well as functionality to the room.

The Mid Century Modern style is simple, practical and can transform your room into something truly sensational. You can choose from a variety of directions depending on your tastes. Although Mid Century Modern Bedroom Furniture that is made today is inspired by the the original designs there are so many creative, modernized variations that you don’t have to make your look vintage if you don’t want to.

home decor ideasYou may remember several TV shows like the Brady Bunch that had classic Mid Century Modern Furniture. Then of course it was just called modern furniture. The popularity of the “Mad Men” series certainly gave the vintage mid-century style a huge boost in our current era. Fans of the show were delighted each week with stunning mid-century interiors, starting from kitchens through bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and offices. If you want to create that kind of vintage feel you certainly can but you can also mix it with contemporary styles like Boho, Farmhouse and others.

If you dream about a mid-century modern bedroom in your house, keep reading to find some stunning inspiration.

Background of Mid Century Style

home decor ideas

The inspiration for mid-century style has its roots in German Bauhaus and the International style that was blooming in pre-war America. While war brings pain and destruction, it can also change whole societies.

Thanks to a significant increase in economies and technological advancement, the way Americans lived changed. People migrated from rural areas to the cities, which caused the suburbanization of the country. Modern properties were quickly built and demand for stylish furnishings grew.

Characteristics of the Mid Century Style

An important element of the Mid Century style is functionality. Form follows function. The sleek lines with organic and geometric forms are are important hallmarks of Mid Century style. Fancy ornamentation is almost non-existent, just clean simple lines and shapes, and clutter is a no-no. Ample space must be between each piece of furniture.

To give some extra spark to this style, designers often use contrasting materials and bold colors. A huge influence on the way furniture looked was a newly invented material: plastic. Designers didn’t use it to imitate wood but for the plastic itself.

How to Decorate Your Bedroom to Look Like the set of Mad Men, or not.

While creating a mid-century space in your home, be aware that if you choose vintage furniture you could end up making your room look a TV set from the 1960s. If that is what you want then go for it. If you admire the era but don’t want to make it look so extreme, consider buying one vintage style piece of furniture and complimenting it with more contemporary furniture.

home decor ideas

Note that getting authentic Mid Century Modern Bedroom Furniture might be very expensive. If you want to know where you can buy this furniture in all price ranges, we have some resources below.

Be sure that you understand the main features of the style. Try not to mix it with cluttered or richly decorated interiors, as they can overwhelm the style you want to show. Thanks to the grown popularity of this style, you will be able to find Mid Century Modern Bedroom Furniture that suits your needs, budget, and interior.

The first thing that you need to do before purchasing any type of furniture for your bedroom is figure out where you plan to place it. If there is ample wall space, you may want to try hanging a mirror or adding an armoire if you need more storage space. You may also want to add a small night table for your personal effects or books and other things that you would like to lay out on the bed.

There are also many great bedroom accessories to choose from. You can find clocks that have different faces or colors and use them to reflect a theme or express your personality. You can also find pillows that have unique shapes or have patterns on them to make a statement as well.

Even picking one large piece, for example, a bed, can give your bedroom a spark that you are looking for. If you decide to purchase more items, be sure that you don’t mix too many patterns and colors, especially for wooden pieces.

home decor ideasAnother important thing to consider when shopping for a mid century modern bedroom furniture is durability. The reason that you want to purchase this type of furniture is to keep your room looking timeless. It should be made of high quality materials that are durable and look beautiful for years. Some of the more common materials used to make this furniture include metals, plastics, and wood.

Plan It Around the Bed

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in any bedroom. It has to be comfortable, but also fit your room size and not take up all the space. Beds inspired by the mid-century are often platform style but there are so many beautiful contemporary variations, so take your time while picking a perfect one. You can do some research on the offers or even find inspiration on Pinterest. This way, you can choose the one that you really want to have.

Choosing that first key piece of furniture will make the rest of your purchasing decisions easier because it immediately narrows down your options.

With a stylish bed, you can immediately add a mid-century vibe to your room and start looking for furniture and accent decor to complement it.

Here are a few beautiful and affordable beds available from Amazon…

mid century modern bedroom furniture
mid century modern bedroom furniture
mid century modern bed
mid century modern bed

 Give Your Bedroom Light

Bedroom Nightstand LampThere’s now question that lighting has a tremendous impact on the ambience or mood of a room. You’ll want to get this right in the bedroom. You need functional lighting but you also need ambient lighting. Adding mid-century pendants to your bedroom can bring it to the next level.


Wall Sconce

The classic mid-century pendants are made of glass or metal. Usually, they are shaped like a cone or sphere. You can also find various geometrical forms that are going to suit your bedroom perfectly.

If you were minimalistic with the furniture, you can get a bit “over the top” with pendants. Pick organic shapes or some bold colors to add some character to your mid-century bedroom.

Add Extra Storage Space

If your bedroom closet space is limited, think about an extra storage space that can hold your clothing, personal belongings, etc. An armoire can be a great choice for that. You can put it by the wall to create some space dimension.

home decor ideas

Consider a multi-functional piece like the one above that offers storage space as well as a small desk. The one is available brand new from Amazon. If you are up for a little refinishing, you can often find pieces like this at second-hand furniture shops and thrift stores. 

Black, white, warm brown, and beige are the colors you are looking for to create an interesting mid-century bedroom. On the antique market and in reproduction stores, you can find various cabinets. Some of them have two vertical doors and shelves, while others are taller and have pull-out drawers. Think about which one would best suit your needs. You can also consider smaller pieces like a storage stool or storage bench to go at the foot of the bed.

The best part of investing in a storage furniture is the fact they are movable. You are probably not going to move your bed, but if you want to change the place of your cabinet, that’s not a big deal and if you move, you can take it with you.

Mid Century Modern Dressers

A Mid Century Modern dresser is a great addition to any modern bedroom. There are so many elegant designs and that will always be in style and you can find them at any price level. If you’re looking for something inexpensive, IKEA is a good place to start as most of their designs are Mid Century inspired.  Below we will take a look at several different ways that this type of furniture can help you create a more modern living space.

We have a more in-depth article on this topic that you can read here.

Here are some of you favourite Dressers:

mid century dresser
6 Drawer Mid Century Modern Wood Dresser - Walnut

Mid Century Modern Accent Chairs.

We also have a separate in depth article on this topic that you can read here.

Here are some of you favourite Accent Chairs:

Mid Century Modern Chair 4
Mid Century Modern Chair 5

Mid Century Decor Accessories

Putting in the final touches can be a lot of fun. Abstract paintings are another hallmark of mid century style and you can really affect the overall feel of the room with artwork. All prices apply here. You can find beautiful inexpensive prints at many online stores like Amazon or Ikea. If you like to collect art then here are some sites for you.

home decor ideas

Available at Amazon

Bedding or rugs are an important addition to any bedroom. In the case of mid-century, it is all about geometry and colors. Circles, rectangles, and ovals in various colors are some of the most common motifs in mid-century accessories.
mid century modern bedroom

Available at Wayfair

You can shop at several different stores to find the perfect pieces for your needs. You can compare prices at home and in store to help you make the best decision. Be sure to read online reviews to see what other people think about the furniture and it’s quality.

When you are buying furniture it is important to make sure that the style complements the rest of your room and of course that the dimensions are going to fit properly in your space. Take the time to get it right. It will be worth it.


Creating a mid-century modern bedroom doesn’t have to be hard. The best part is you have a lot to pick from. Whether you want to invest in original, vintage furniture  or pick modern replicas, you can easily find what you are looking for.

In addition, you don’t have to redesign your whole house or even redo an entire room. Sometimes one piece of unique furniture or bold accessories can transform your room into a beautiful space. One where you are going to have wonderful dreams.


There are some excellent retailers that sell mid century modern furniture online.

Amazon actually has an excellent selection of affordable Mid Century bedroom furniture to choose from.

Where to find Mid Century Modern Bedroom Furniture

Smart Furniture
Burke Decor
2 Modern
West Elm
Design Within Reach

Easy Aesthetic Room Ideas – Cute & Fun To Do…

Easy Aesthetic Room Ideas – Cute & Fun To Do…

Updated March 12, 2022

If you’re looking for aesthetic room ideas for your bedroom decor or dorm room, we’ve got some creative ideas an resources for you. These include pictures, paintings, wall prints and many more. To save you more time, we have rounded up a few of our best aesthetic room ideas and where you can buy some of it so you can effortlessly adopt some of these diy room decor ideas for your space.

One of the first things that you need to decide is whether you are going to paint walls of your room or not. If you are not going to paint then you already have a color scheme to work with. If you are going to paint, consider doing an accent wall with a different color that the rest of the walls or if you’re artistic, paint an interesting graphic or a word that’s important to you, perhaps in a cursive font. It’s an easy and effective way to create a focal point.

aesthetic room decor ideas

Available on: www.etsy.com


DIY Room Decor

Some people love bright colors, some love vibrant colors and some like it calm with neutral tones. It’s all up to you and what make you feel good.

If you are not an artist, you can always go for wall stickers or temporary decals. They are easy to apply on any surface and they are really very easy to remove too. You can use these stickers to create any find of room aesthetic that you want. You can place one or two in each wall and that will certainly make your room really attractive. There are several decorative wall decals available for purchase these days so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding what you like. Amazon is a good place to start. All you need to do is select one from the list of designs that they display and place your order.

aesthetic room ideas

You can also decorate bookshelves with pictures that revolve around animals, cartoon characters, flowers and butterflies. The theme should of course reflect your personality and interests so if music is your thing, then pictures will likely be of music artists, maybe a few vinyl records, or movie posters or your favourite athletes if you are more into sports.

aesthetic room ideas

Available on: Amazon

More aesthetic room ideas

You can also get some fantastic aesthetic room ideas to decorate your bedroom using beautiful and colorful wallpaper. There are many websites that will offer you a variety of different wallpaper designs. All you need to do is pick one from the list and make your purchase. This wallpaper is also easily removed and replaced too. When you get tired of it, you can replace the old one with a new wallpaper and easily redecorate the room with a whole new look.

You can also find stencils that will inspire other aesthetic room ideas.  Many of these decorative stencils are free of cost and you can simply browse through the site to find a design idea that you like. Then just download them and print them out.

Aesthetic Room Decor

Our favourite places to find aesthetic room decor items online Amazon and Etsy. There is endless selection and the prices for most items is pretty cheap.

aesthetic room decor ideas

Available on Amazon

The lighting in a room plays a huge role in the ambience, and LED fairy lights can add an incredible touche to your decor. They don’t cost very much and they are super-easy to hand and install. LED lights look amazing hung over sheers and many come with a remote control that let’s you change the colors to match the mood plus you can dim them even fade on and off.

aesthetic room ideas

Available on: Amazon

Try hanging fairy lights on your wall and using clothes pins to hang your favourite photos on the wires.

aesthetic room decor ideas

Available on: Amazon

Spend some time gathering ideas to inspire and give you some direction before you jump in.

aesthetic room decor ideas

Available on: Amazon

Pinterest is a great resource for this as well as Instagram, Facebook and even TikTok.

Getting some good inspiration from others is very helpful and saves some time. Once you add your own pictures and decorative elements that mean something to you, it will probably come out completely unique and be a reflection of your own personality.

So, have some fun and get started creating your own awesome, aesthetic room decor and turn your room into something uniquely yours.

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Mid Century Modern Dresser – New & Vintage

Mid Century Modern Dresser – New & Vintage

Looking for a Mid Century Modern Dresser? If you have a love for the Mid Century modern decor style, you’ll have fun decorating your room into a unique space that you will love to spend time in. There are so many great new and vintage Mid Century furniture options that can make your home look beautifully eclectic, elegant, and modern.

A Mid Century Modern dresser is a great addition to any modern bedroom. There are so many elegant designs and that will always be in style and you can find them at any price level. If you’re looking for something inexpensive, IKEA is a good place to start as most of their designs are Mid Century inspired.  Below we will take a look at several different ways that this type of furniture can help you create a more modern living space.

Where to Find a Mid Century Modern Dresser

If you’re into authentic vintage furniture there are some examples near the end of this post. If you like the vintage look but want something more affordable, here are a few examples of Mid Century Modern Dressers that look vintage but they are new…

6 Drawer Mid Century Modern Wood Dresser - Walnut

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If you are someone who likes a more open floor plan then a contemporary piece of furniture is going to be the perfect option for you. This style of furniture is ideal for those who like an eclectic living space. This type of furniture gives you plenty of storage options so that you are able to keep most of your clothing in one neat location.  This beautiful piece has a vintage look without the vintage price tag.


home decor ideas

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One other Mid Century Modern Dresser style that you may want to consider has a medium brown stain and metal handles as well as knobs. This can be a great way to create a very chic style in a room when you have enough wall space. It will give your room a simple elegant look and provide ample storage space for your clothes and its classic style will always look modern.


mid centrury modern dresser

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One other style of modern dresser that you may want to consider is the tall style.  This is a beautiful piece with a dark finish. This can be a great way to create a very chic style in a room that typically smaller and does not have a lot of color. You may find that this type of furniture can give your room a very clean and simple look that is perfect for a room that has a lot of glass. Adding some abstract wall decor made with wood can really give your room a spectacular eclectic look.

mid century dresser

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Mid-Century Modern Furniture is a great choice for just about any room. You will be able to find just about any style that you are looking for online. You may also be able to find a great deal if you shop at office supply stores in your area. Department stores may carry a few different options but you will probably have to try them out to see which ones work the best for your needs. It is always a good idea to measure up the space where you plan to put one of these beautiful pieces so that you know what kind and size of furniture to get.

Collections of Beautiful New Mid Century Style Dressers

We rounded up some more beautiful bedroom dressers to choose from. Check these out…

Mid-Century Vintage Dressers

A Mid-Century Modern Dresser is a great addition to any home. If you are a collector you will find that mid-century vintage furniture is a fascinating area to explore. One relatively new site that caught our attention is Chairish.com. They have a large collection of really unique new and vintage furniture and accessories as well as custom furniture.

Vintage furniture can be expensive but it’s an investment since the value will likely increase.  Here are some beautiful pieces we found on Etsy…

mid century vintage dresser

Lane Burl Long Dresser Credenza Mid Century Modern

Details on Etsy

mid century vintage dresser

Lane Oak Dresser Brutalist Paul Evans Style Mid Century Modern

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mid century vintage dresser

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You can dramatically change the decor of a room very easily by adding one of these beautiful pieces. The styles are varied and you can be sure to find one that will blend in with the style of your other furniture.

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11 Inspiring Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

11 Inspiring Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

Do you see modern bedroom decor ideas in magazines and movies and think, “I want that”. It looks simple and then the more you think about it, you realize that there is a lot of work involved.

Sometimes it’s just knowing where to begin. Once you decide on some key elements, the rest of the decisions start to fall into place. So, if it is time to refresh your bedroom…

Here are some modern bedroom decor ideas to get you inspired on your journey.

1 | Combine neutral and bright colors

Modern Bedroom Ideas

If you want a bright, fresh looking room, paint the walls white and use pastel accented bed linens and accessories. This color scheme is not the only way to go but it is a tried and true approach to a classic modern bedroom decor.

2 | Keep it open.

Modern Bedroom Ideas

For the ultimate modern bedroom, keep it open and spacious as possible. Consider removing the walls to your en suite to give the that luxurious feeling of open space.

3 | Bring in the natural light.

Modern Bedroom Ideas

Natural light is always welcome and makes the room feel bigger, brighter and more welcoming. If your natural light is limited consider installing larger windows or a skylight. Installing light coloured hard stone or wood flooring. This will reflect light and make the most of the light that you do have.

4 | Add natural textures

Modern Bedroom Ideas

Natural materials can add a beautiful modern feel to your bedroom decor! Wood can be used in so many ways beyond just flooring. There are endless possibilities when you use wood to design accent walls, floating shelves, window coverings, furniture and accessories. Also consider things like potted plants, a fabric accent wall, stone accents

5 | How about some accent colors?

Modern Bedroom Ideas

A modern luxury aesthetic may built around a subtle, light color palette but you can add in accessories like decorative throw pillows to add some vibrancy.

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6 | Keep the clutter out

Bedroom Design Ideas

A minimalist aesthetic is what gives a room a really modern feel. You don’t have to go extreme but try not to have many small accessories and accents. Use large significant pieces that have a strong presence.

7 | Time to upgrade your bed?

Modern Bedroom Ideas

Beds can be expensive so if there is a limited a budget, consider building your own. It can be quite simple if you build a basic frame for the bed and plan on using bed linens to cover it all. Then build a statement headboard attached to the wall. It’s a great way to bring in a completely unique element into your design.

8 | Consider a feature wall

Modern Bedroom Ideas

One of the popular modern bedroom design Ideas that we see often using wallpaper to accent one wall. Then paint the other three walls. Keep the color palette neutral but look for different geometric patterns and textures. If the budget allows, design an accent wall using wood or fabric and even stone textures.

9 | Lighting is everything

Modern Bedroom Ideas

Lighting has the final say on the mood of the room. Be sure to spend some time considering your options for ambiance. There are so many great affordable choices for lighting these days. Choose styles that blend with the room and the best tip here is to add dimmers.

10 | Make your ceiling higher

Modern Bedroom Ideas

Make your ceiling higher? Well, not really, but you can make you ceiling look taller by hanging drapes that go right from the ceiling to the floor. It’s easy and makes a huge difference.

11 | Keep it cozy

Modern Bedroom Ideas

Your modern bedroom decor style can still be comfy and cozy. Luxurious textiles for your bed coverings and accent accessories are the answer to coziness. In fact they are a must. There is nothing like a big soft, comfy duvet.

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