10 Mistakes to Avoid While Painting Kitchen Cabinets

10 Mistakes to Avoid While Painting Kitchen Cabinets

How can you give your kitchen a makeover without spending a lot of money? Give your cabinets a new look by repainting them. Painting kitchen cabinets can be performed without the help of a professional, but don’t underestimate the length of time it will take. Yes, it will take more than a weekend.

Painting your cabinets is a simple method to boost the value of your property. DIY cabinet painting is a cost-effective option to update your kitchen.

Painting kitchen cabinets requires a great deal of care and attention to detail. Most people pay a professional painter to paint their cabinets, but you can do it if you want to save money and do it yourself.

Here is what not to do when painting your kitchen cabinets next time. Here are some frequent kitchen cabinet painting blunders to avoid.

#1 Leaving doors, drawers, and hardware in place

Remove the cabinet doors, pull out the drawers, and detach the knobs or pulls before beginning this project. Also, empty the drawers and cabinets.

Label where the components should be returned after painting to make reassembly easy for you. You would have to use your paintbrush to cut in around the door hinges gently, and if you’re spraying, you would have to cover all of the hinges with tape.

Applying a fresh coat of paint without first removing the cabinet doors may be tempting, but removing the doors is necessary for the best results.

You’ll also be less likely to stumble against the cabinet doors while the paint is curing if you keep them out of the way, such as in a garage or separate workstation.

#2 Skipping the required preparation

The biggest blunder is failing to take the time to fully comprehend what is required to prepare the cabinets for painting.

Repainting kitchen cabinets may appear to be a do-it-yourself project, but it’s a complex, time-consuming undertaking that may quickly deteriorate if not done correctly.

Most cabinets will need to be sanded before painting, and any cracks or uneven portions will need to be filled with wood filler and allowed to cure.

After sanding, wipe away all dust and debris with a wet towel or a lint-free tack cloth. Any little particles that aren’t removed can go into the paint and destroy the cabinet’s beautiful finish.

This is a job you may be able to complete yourself if you have patience and some DIY abilities. Still, depending on the complexity of the cabinet design and your expectations for the finished product, it may be worthwhile to engage a professional.

#3 Applying thick paint layers when painting kitchen cabinets

The purpose of painting kitchen cabinets is to create a long-lasting surface that can withstand regular use.

Rather than a single thick layer that can easily chip off, multiple thin coats of paint are ideal for building up the surface. For the best guidance, you can try out Kitchen Cabinet Painting North York.

#4 Choosing the wrong paint color

Choose the correct paint for your kitchen—higher gloss or sheen paints (such as eggshell, semi-gloss, or gloss) are simpler to clean. Then choose the perfect color that you won’t tire of in a few weeks.

Make a statement with a rich color or a tried-and-true neutral.

Are you ready for painting kitchen cabinets? To do-it-yourself, follow these tips.

  • Remove the doors
  • Before and after the paintwork, mark where the pieces should be returned
  • Remove Hardware
  • Doors and drawers should be cleaned
  • Any dents or holes should be filled up
  • Sand
  • Prime
  • Paint
  • Allow drying
  • Reassemble

#5 Using no primer

Use a primer so you’ll have a barrier between the wooden cabinet doors, so the paint color will stand out. Paint may adhere better to a smooth surface if a primer is applied. Be sure that the primer you use is suitable for your cabinets.

Older cabinets are usually painted with oil paint. However, today’s most popular paint is latex paint. If you use latex paint over oil-based paint, the latex paint will slowly peel away, requiring you to repaint sooner than expected.

Instead, use an oil-based primer before painting kitchen cabinets with latex paint.

#6 Not allowing cabinets to dry long enough

Although painted cabinets can feel dry to the touch within a few hours, the drying process may take several days. The cabinets will be more prone to chips and blemishes until they have fully set to a hard, durable surface.

Reattach the cabinet doors and hardware after at least 48 hours, and be careful not to slam or scrape the doors for the first week.

#7 Cleaning the frames and doors

Cleaning your cabinets before priming and painting them is a crucial process that should not be overlooked. Even though your cabinets appear to be recent and clean to the human eye, they most likely aren’t. You’re not going to like painting over grease.

Cooking and boiling food causes cabinet doors to grow oily over time. Adhesion issues with primer and paint can be caused by small food particles, coffee machine exhaust, or even residue from a home cleaner.

#8 Sanding without a sander or with a sander

Although your primer’s label may state that no sanding is required, you should always sand. The first sanding dulls your cabinets’ lacquer finish, making the primer grab the surface easier.

To get a smooth finish, sand between coats. The initial layer of primer usually dries rough to the touch, but scuff sanding between coats smooths out the surface.

Sanding your cabinets with extremely coarse sandpaper is not recommended. Aggressive sanding, for example, can easily harm cherry and maple beyond repair. All you have to do with the initial sanding is dull the surface.

Cabinets with a thicker lacquer covering will require a coarser grit but always start with the finer grit to see what happens.

Another standard error in this stage is attempting to sand everything by hand. I strongly advise sanding your cabinets using an electric finishing sander.

Sanding wood cabinets generates a significant amount of dust. You can and should sand the doors outside, but you’ll have to sand the frames inside, so a plastic dust barrier is essential.

#9 Sanding dust not removed

Without washing the surface before each application, dust will contaminate and destroy the paint finish of your cabinets. When dust and particles get lodged in the paint, it shows up when the cabinets are seen under a bright light at an angle.

Wipe the surface with a tack cloth before applying each coat of primer and paint. Alternatively, you can blow the dust off the substrate using compressed air from an air compressor or a shop vac.

#10 Remodeling your kitchen after painting kitchen cabinets

Countertops should be installed after painting kitchen cabinets, not after because the painted base cabinets may be damaged when removing the old counter before replacing it.

The same may be said for the backsplash tile between the cabinets. Before painting, you should refinish your floors and install new appliances. While painting, use protective materials to cover your new counter and floor.

Final Thoughts

Painting kitchen cabinets is a difficult job that could turn our poorly if you don’t use masking materials to protect everything first. Painting cabinets with a brush and roller might look fine, but spraying them provides a considerably smoother finish with a bit of effort.

When Painting Kitchen Cabinets, brushing and rolling is also a mistake if you only have a limited time to complete this project. Instead of rolling the doors, spraying them will be about half the labor time.

We hope that this blog may be of assistance to you. Also, if we have missed out on anything, feel free to comment down in the comment box.

How Do You Plan a Simple Home Improvement Project?

How Do You Plan a Simple Home Improvement Project?

Simple home improvement projects are ideal when you want to upgrade your house or just improve the interior or exterior. Your home improvement project plan might include a conversion or expansion, a complete home renovation, or even a single room remodel like a kitchen or bathroom. They all have varying degrees of cost and complexity but it’s generally a more cost-effective option than buying a new home. Here’s how you can make a seamless home improvement project.

Proper Planning for a Simple Home Improvement Project

Planning is always a key part of making sure everything goes the way you want. It is also at this stage that you can determine if your property is eligible for any improvements.

If so, then you will also need to plan to obtain any legal documents, such as planning permission , or a party wall agreement. This is especially true if your home is not part of a permitted development. Building code approvals are critical, especially if you’re dealing with extending the size of your home.

Make a Reasonable Budget

Before setting a budget for your home improvement project, it is advisable to compare different offers. Requesting quotes from various builders will provide a reasonable budget estimate for your project. So when you hire a builder, you already know what to expect.

Hire the Right Builder

As the construction industry continues to grow, it’s no surprise that you come across cowboy builders whenever you’re looking for your ideal contractor. A qualified builder should not only be able to build your home for you, but also be able to provide you with a bespoke design that suits your needs and preferences.

Some of the ways you can identify the correct builder include:

  • Seek referrals from friends
  • Browse previous customer reviews
  • Check their certifications and certifications
  • Determine their physical location
  • View previously worked on projects

Check experience level

Your builder will let you know the correct timeline your project may need to be completed. They will also give you a more accurate project cost estimate.

Choose the Right Design

With the right builders, this should be a no-brainer. Depending on the type of property you own, whether it’s Georgian, Victorian, terraced, detached or semi-detached, you should be able to help you choose the right design. In addition to refurbishment or refurbishment, you can do any of the following types of conversions:

Velux Loft Conversion

  • Polyline Loft
  • Hip to gable
  • Skylight extension

You should also make sure that you are not compromising on the interior design you are comfortable with. After all, the interior design of your home speaks volumes about your tastes and preferences. It also determines the atmosphere of your space.

Why you should choose home improvement

Every once in a while, you may want to change or modify the interior or exterior of your home. This is where home improvement projects come in handy. Of course, there are also small projects like doing a new paint job or changing the interior. But there are also projects that involve more work, and they can also bring significant changes to your property.

The following highlights a few reasons why simple home improvements are ideal for your home.

You Can Increase the Value of Your Property

For simple home improvement projects, this means you are making changes to an existing structure. Depending on the type of changes you make, you’re more likely to boost your property’s value. Ideally, a loft conversion can boost your property’s value by up to 20%. The type of attic extension you choose will be critical. A bedroom with an en suite bathroom is said to add as much value as possible.

You also have the option of refurbishment, where you make changes such as repairing plumbing, replacing rotting joists, or even repairing broken windows. Of course, your choice will depend on your needs as well as other factors.

You Can Make Your House Look Better Overall

Whether it’s a new paint job or a simple extension, your home is sure to look different. If you want to change the look of your home, you can always make a makeover while doing a full renovation or refurbishment of the rest of the home. This will give your property the feel of a new home at an affordable cost.

It’s a Cost-Effective Option

The cost of moving out or buying a new home is certainly is significant when you add up the realtor commision, land transfer tax, moving cost, legal fees etc.  However, home improvement is something you can achieve without breaking the bank.

You Get Extra Living Space

One way you can turn underutilized space into usable living space is by converting a space. You might consider converting your garage into extra living space. Maybe you have a basement or attic space that can be converted to useable living area. If those kinds of options won’t do the trick then an extension might be the right choice for you. You can scale up and make your home more suitable for your needs..

Improve the Efficiency of Your Home

Your home is where you should be comfortable and have everything you need. With home improvements, you can be sure that you have everything you need to make your home more efficient.

This can include installing new ventilation or insulation systems, installing new windows to make you home more efficient.

Once you decide what it is you need to make your home more suitable for you needs, then you can get some quotes for reliable contractors and they can help you with ideas and figure what the best options for you and whether it can be done within your budget.

For more simple home improvement projects, check out Best 21 Home Improvements for Home Value Increase

Room Dividers Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Space

Room Dividers Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Space

A room divider can add a dramatic change to the decor and functionality of a room.

Some are designed to be subtle and more functional and others are purely decorative adding an attractive accent to the decor while still giving a feeling of division in the space.

A single room can be easily be changed to feel like two rooms and you can quickly add stylish decor with the addition of room dividers.

Folding panel room dividers are fun to shop for since they can come in a variety of materials, decorative designs, they can include different panels and shelves, and some just add a wow factor because the design is so elegant!

Room dividers are fun to shop for because there are so many to choose from online. The infinite selection can also make it overwhelming.

We’ve got you covered – we rounded up a beautiful, modern collection of our favorite diy room divider ideas. Enjoy!

Have a look around at all the wonderful designs and if you are going to buy one, be clear on what purpose it will serve. Will it be primarily for creating privacy in one part of a room?

If so you’ll want one that you can’t really see through. Sliding glass room dividers are more costly but they are permanent and will add elegance and some value to your home .

The first thing that you need to consider when buying decorative panel dividers is what purpose they will serve in your home. Next, think about the style of the dividers and how they will fit into your existing decor.

Room dividers are an easy and cost-effective way of getting more space without spending a lot of money. They are a great option for those who live in small apartments or homes.

There are  various reasons why you might want to add a Room divider, from adding privacy to separating spaces for different activities.

They can be used as a room divider, as a screen, or even as a temporary partition like your bedroom when you have a newborn baby.

Bookcase Room Dividers

This bookcase room divider is just one the fantastic Wayfair room dividers that is functional, decorative and affordable.

Store your favorite books and decorative elements like vases and candles and you have an easy solution that divides your room with a cozy, stylish touch.

If you want your room divider purely for decorative purposes, then you could go with something like this that adds beautiful style.

It breaks up the room to make it more cozy but it obviously won’t provide much privacy. This Mid-Century Modern room divider, shown above, can really add some eclectic chic style to your room.

Wicker Room Dividers

For a casual, classic look, look for wicker room dividers. There are some beautiful styles available that will charm any room with a modern bohemian style decor. Many style of room dividers from amazon are reasonable and ship fast.

Asian Style Room Dividers

Modern style meets Asian tradition in this four-panel screen room divider. Each panel is made of solid pine wood and features a clean-lined rectangular silhouette with metal two-way hinges.

A semi-opaque screen is crafted from rice paper panels lined with gridwork lattice overlays. For easy transport and storage, this room divider can be folded and unfolded easily.

Built-in Room Dividers

room dividers

Source: Olive & Iris

When you’re looking for some partial privacy and want some style, consider using simple wood slats rather than building a solid wall out of sheetrock.

4 Panel Room Dividers

4 Panel Room Dividers are a great way for parents of a newborn to divide the bedroom and make a space for their baby’s crib. It will also offer privacy and safety, as well as the ability to temporarily adjust the layout of the room.

Curtain Room Dividers

curtain room divider

Whether you need to divide the garage or a bedroom, a curtain room divider might be just what you need.

Room Divider Styles

Some room dividers can be mounted on the ceiling or wall while others are freestanding with legs of their own.

Room dividers can be made from different materials like wood, metal, fabric, glass and plastic.

Create a Home Office Space with Room Dividers

Panel room dividers are the ultimate way to turn any space into your own personal workspace. These dividers can be used for a variety of reasons and are perfect for creating privacy in a shared space, or for providing some extra office space in your living room, bedroom or even the kitchen.

These panels come in all shapes and sizes so you can choose the one that’s perfect for your home.

Extendable Room Divider – Versatile for any Space

This extendable divider is great for small spaces because it can be folded up when not in use. It is also perfect for larger spaces because it can be extended to the desired length.

The divider has three different positions that are perfect for all kinds of purposes: bookshelf, table, and screen.

Multi-Panel Room Divider

walmart room divider

A Multi-Panel Room Divider is a great option for homes with open spaces, or even studio apartments. A corner can easily be converted into a reading nook or dining area.

This stylish multi-panel divider makes making the most of your living space easy no matter how you use it.

We have been talking about how room dividers can divide up an open space. However, they are also good for visually blocking off areas that are not being used for anything else, such as garages, basements and storage spaces.

DIY Room Divider Ideas

Many screen room dividers are inexpensive and don’t require professional installation. They’re easy to move and you can also rearrange room dividers any way you like.

We hope these room divider ideas help. Have fun choosing a modern room divider you love and enjoy your new space.

We came across so many creative ideas while putting this list together. Instead of letting them collect digital dust we thought we should share them, so here are links to some of the great posts we found about room dividers:

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9 Simple Kitchen Updates for a Big Impact

9 Simple Kitchen Updates for a Big Impact

The kitchen is one of the most vital parts of your home, so you want it to look great and feel inviting. While remodeling your kitchen can be expensive, there are some easy things you can do to give your kitchen a facelift easily and inexpensively. In this article, we will take a look at some easy kitchen updates that will have a big impact on your decor.

1 | Upgrade Your Cabinets

kitchen cabinets

Buying new cabinets can be spendy, but if your old ones are still in decent condition, you can upgrade them instead of buying new ones.

If they are made of wood, you can resurface them and stain them to make them look newer. You can also spray paint your cabinets, which will make them look new and beautiful.

If the structure of the cabinets is still good, but the door and drawers are not looking good, you can replace those instead of replacing the entire cabinet.

These can update the style of your kitchen or give it a new look. They are easy to attach to the existing cabinets, and it will look like you replaced everything to many visitors.

faux stone island

If you have a kitchen island, you can add faux stone to the kitchen island or breakfast bar to give it some depth and character too.

This is an easy and affordable way to get the look and feel of natural stone without the cost or construction timelines that come with natural stone.

2 | New Hardware

When was the last time you looked at the hardware in your kitchen? Are your door and drawer handles still the same as when you moved in? Have you ever changed the faucet in the sink?

The hardware in the kitchen is often overlooked but changing it can make a bigger difference than you might think.

You can update everything to meet your current kitchen style, giving your kitchen a sleek new look. While this can be a time-consuming project, it is easy to do and inexpensive.

3 | Refurbish Your Existing Appliances

A great kitchen upgrade is adding new appliances, but that can get expensive fast.

If getting brand new appliances is not in your budget, you can refurbish the existing ones to make them look newer.

Replace your old stove coils and the knobs on your stove and oven.

You can also replace the handle and knobs on your dishwasher and potentially even the racks in it if they are getting old. You could try to replace the handle on the fridge and possibly the shelves or drawers in it to make it look newer. Then clean and polish the appliances to give them a sparkling new look.

Would you like a bright red stove or a stainless steel refrigerator? It’s possible with appliance paint.

Just spray it or brush it on. You should choose spray the stove or range hood for the best results. Make sure the paint is heat-resistant.

It’s a great solution if you don’t want to invest in new appliances.

4 | Lighting

How good is the lighting in your kitchen? You can upgrade your kitchen lighting by looking for new dimmers, allowing you better control over how much light is in the kitchen.

You can also look into installing some lights under the upper cabinets to light up the counters better.

Also, it is probably time to change your light fixtures. You do not need to just change the fixture types.

For example, you can swap out a ceiling-mounted fixture for a dangling fixture that adds some character to your kitchen and makes it truly yours.

This can be another inexpensive upgrade that can give your space better lighting.

5 | Rethink Your Walls

faux stone walls

One great way to give your kitchen a facelift is by redoing your walls. The most common way to do this is by giving it a fresh coat of paint, which can make the kitchen feel fresh and clean. However, if you want to get creative with your walls, you can install faux stone for your kitchen walls. It is waterproof, so it makes an excellent backsplash too.

6 | Get Organized

Having an organized kitchen is important. Between the spice cabinet, the pantry, and dishes, you have your work cut out for you.

You can get new shelves in your pantry to keep things organized or get some reusable containers so that everything fits nicely.

Find a place for everything; get as much off of your counters as possible; having open counter space is vital. Maximize your cupboard space to keep things organized. It is amazing what a little reorganization can do for your kitchen’s appearance.

7 |  Replace Countertops

room decor ideas diy

If your time and budget allow, you can replace your kitchen countertops to make them match the new look of your kitchen.

However, this can be an expensive job, so if you need something a little easier and more affordable, you can give the existing ones a slight makeover.

If there is grout on your kitchen counters, it is probably old, so scrape it off and apply a new layer. You can replace some of the older tiles on the counter with new ones that give it a new look.

8 | Add Trim & Molding

The trim and molding in the kitchen are another often overlooked feature that can be easily upgraded. You can repaint the existing molding or install new molding.

9 | Install New Flooring

home staging tips

Replacing your kitchen floor is another way to make a major change to your kitchen. If it is wood, you can refinish it.

You can also replace your flooring with laminate, vinyl, or tile.

Final Thoughts

These tips can help you upgrade your kitchen easily, without breaking the bank, and you can do most of these projects on your own. By doing any of these projects, you can get your kitchen a new look and potentially up your property value.

Also check out this handy guide on stone siding.

Auz BurgerContributing Author – Auz Burger is a freelance writer and an expert in faux stone and brick veneer and home DIY projects. She has a BA from Washington State University and has been writing and editing professionally for over a decade.


Rejuvenate Your Outdated Vases – DIY Plaster Vase

Do you have an old vase that is perfectly functional but look so outdated that you just don’t use it anymore?.

Here’s a great way to modernize that vase that has seen better days and make use of it again.

Tutorials are often the best way for beginners to get started with a new craft. And this tutorial is no exception! With just a few materials, you can have your own DIY Plaster Vase in no time at all.

It has all the instructions and guidance needed so you can rest assured that it’s something anyone can do.

Here’s how you can bring that old vase into the 21st century…

Read the full article here.

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Replacing a Front Door is a Simple Way to Add Curb Appeal

Replacing your old front door a new door is a great way to add curb appeal to any home.

While there are many benefits to having a new front door, the main benefit comes from the appearance. A brand new front door is much more appealing than an old and weathered one, and it can help increase your home’s resale value.

Just like in fashion, when it comes to house design and style, trends come in and out of popularity. The same can be said for homes themselves – what was popular decades ago may not be popular today. With that being the case, updating your home’s exterior with a brand new front door may be just what you need do to get that curb appeal back!

Here’s how you can do it… Read the full article here.

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Important Home Maintenance to Keep Your House in Top Shape

Important Home Maintenance to Keep Your House in Top Shape

For most of us, buying and owning a home represents the biggest investment we’ll make in our lives. Therefore, it’s important we give our homes the tender loving care and attention they deserve to ensure they stay in top-tip condition through ownership and beyond.

While it’s true that few of us enjoy performing home maintenance work, regular upkeep remains an essential part of home ownership. A little repair work here and there will dramatically reduce the chances of bigger problems developing over time.

Reasons why routine home maintenance tasks are so important

Regular maintenance isn’t just good for the condition of your home. It also helps hold the value of a house, and, in many cases, could even add to its worth.

With the end of winter fast approaching and the promise of the longer days of spring just around the corner, here are a few of the more pressing maintenance jobs you should stay on top of to make the most of your home through the rest of the year.

Perform a thorough check of your roof

Winter can be especially hard on a house and its roof. Inclement weather, rain, wind, snow and ice all take their toll and it’s not uncommon for tiles to be shifted around or blown off by winter gusts.

You should inspect all roofing surfaces thoroughly to ensure you don’t fall victim to unwanted leaks. Remember to also check inside and outside surfaces. In many cases, the damage is more apparent on the interior of roofs than the exterior.

Also, check timber frames for signs of any dampness or other forms of damage or rot.

Check pipes and gutters for blocks or signs of damage

The increased winter rain (and snow) can take a heavy toll on gutters, pipes and drains which can frequently become blocked by fallen leaves or even collapse under the strain of so much weight (particularly snow and ice).

You should check for signs of ice damage caused by freezing water in pipes and gutters. Not spotting an issue early could result in damaging flows of water onto the walls of your home. If these are left untreated, it will cause significantly more damage further down the line.

Don’t forget to check your basement or foundations

Most homes suffer some form of structural movement over the years, but that doesn’t mean you should willingly contribute to problems by not keeping a close eye on your basement and foundations.

Problems encountered under your home can lead to massive issues if not addressed immediately, including, in extreme cases, entire homes having to be pulled down due to lack of structural support.

In most cases, foundation issues are caused by water build-up in the soil around a home. This can lead to hydrostatic pressure water being forced through cracks and crevices.

You shouldn’t take chances with structural repairs and maintenance. If you’re in any doubt, hire the services of a professional basement waterproofing company to come and take a look and perform any necessary repair work.

Check brickwork and paint

Water trapped and expanding as ice in brickwork can result in major problems on the exterior of your home. It could also result in associated problems on the interior. For example, cracks in bricks will only get worse with the arrival of more rain/ice and will likely lead to problems with water ingress.

Unfortunately, your home could suffer more from chilly drafts and heat loss because of damaged brickwork. You should also check for ripples or cracks in protective paintwork, most commonly caused by frost.

Be sure to repair any signs of wear and tear to avoid damaging the underlying material (e.g. wood or metal doors, fences, etc.)

We hope these Home Maintenance Tips have been helpful. Stay tuned for more to come.

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