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We are passionate about home decor ideas and the endless possibilities. Every room has its own unique challenges and so we are always exploring new ideas to share with others.

How to Choose an Area Rug
home decor ideas
home decor ideas
Home Decor advice and expert do-it-yourself interior decorating tips Home Decor advice and expert do-it-yourself interior decorating tips are the primary focus of the Room Decoration DIY website. We post articles to inform and inspire people who seek to improve the style and beauty of their home. We curate and present great design ideas for home decor and inform people where they can find great furniture and decor to suit any budget.
Among our most popular articles you will find several that explore the captivating Mid Century Modern Style with articles featuring Mid Century Modern Chairs, Sofas, Coffee Tables, Dressers and more.
We also dive deep into all the popular Modern Farmhouse styles and the various Farmhouse hybrid styles that have emerged as the great interior designers break all the boundaries and combine different styles that give birth to new trends like wildly popular Boho Farmhouse and endlessly intriguing Industrial Farmhouse Style.
There is a growing section of DIY projects like a unique TV wall made from barn wood boards that looks amazing with Farmhouse decor. IKEA hacks are really popular and we have one that turns a couple of inexpensive bookcases from IKEA into a beautiful built-in style wall unit with a desk.
In 2021, with so many people shopping online, they need resources to help them with ideas and tips on where to find uniques things for their home. We do our best to seek and inform our audience not only about products but valuable tips on how to use them and choose them.
When planning a decor project we recommend using an online room planner to put together a plan for your room design. This way the you make sure that you get all the right sizes, colours and keep track of all the numerous details that are involved. We provide links to numerous free and paid options for room planner software so that people can effectively plan their project and get a successful outcome.
There are those who love getting inspiration and gathering ideas but have no intention of trying to execute the design on their own. In that case we have links to top notch, professional interior designers who can take your vision and run with it to create something spectacular and provide you with a dream home and you don’t have to lift a finger.
The possibilities are truly endless and that is what excites us and inspires us on the journey to seek and share ideas with other like-minded folks.

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