Refresh Your Bathroom Decor With Beadboard Wallpaper

Beadboard wallpaper is a stylish and sophisticated way to add texture and interest to your bathroom decor.

The best part about installing beadboard wallpaper is that it’s easy to do. If you’re looking for a chic, modern design for your bathroom, or even if you’re looking for a classic, rustic design for your dining room, beadboard wallpaper is an affordable and easy-to-install solution. Installing beadboard wallpaper is a lot like installing regular wallpaper;

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Built in Desk IKEA Hack – Billy Bookcase with built in desk

Built in Desk IKEA Hack – Billy Bookcase with built in desk

Updated Dec, 21 2021

“It’s truly amazing how much technology has changed our lives in the last 20 years.

I was designing my new office recently and looked around for some built in desk inspiration. Then it hit me. You don’t need all kinds of storage cabinets anymore. Everything is stored digitally. Ok, that’s an overstatement but you only need a fraction to office storage space compared even 10 years ago.

We had all kinds of drawers for documents, cupboards for CDs, cabinets for extra wiring, additional accessories and components and remember book shelves?

So here’s the crazy thing…

We bought a new house and there was an area that would make the perfect office with built-in cabinets. I love that look and I knew just how it should be designed so it would blend into the space as if it had been built with the house.

Built in Bookcase on desk

I remembered the Billy Bookcase cabinets from IKEA that I had used once before in another home.  I just needed to do a little customization and the overall project would cost under $1000.00.

A Desk Built in Using Billy Bookcases

The Perfect IKEA Hack

We moved in, I ordered the materials and built it in a weekend. I drilled holes to pass wires through, installed some nice LED under cabinet lighting and hooked up all the electronics. I finished it off with some crown moulding and voila, it turned out beautifully.

Then it was time to store all my stuff in the cupboards. Two months later I don’t have nearly enough office stuff to fill those cupboards.

They look great and they will gradually be filled household items. I guess I should be glad I have extra space to put junk when it comes. I’m ready for it.

Under $1000 for products used (no affiliate links here):
2 x Billy Bookcase Oxberg (IKEA)
2 x Billy Extention(IKEA)
1 x Linnmon Desktop $9.99 (IKEA)
1 x shelf (Home Depot) (cross piece to mount lights on)
8 x cabinet knobs (Home Depot)
3 x under cabinet lights with wireless remote (Home Depot)
1 x crown moulding (Home Depot)

Built in desk

I guess my message here is, “plan ahead”. I love the way it turned out but if I had given more thought about what I really needed to store, I might have designed it differently. For instance I could have use more open shelves making it more decorative and less functional.

Ikea hacks are simply great little ways to save money at one of their most well-known store, while making your home decor ideas come to life. Have you noticed how inexpensive Ikea furniture is? Not only do they have beautiful furniture, but the prices are reasonable and you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for without breaking the bank. So, if you are looking for built in desks ideas on a budget, Ikea hacks are just what you need because it the pieces don’t have all the elements you were hoping for, just customize them yourself.

Whether you are searching for funky, affordable or budget-friendly decorating ideas, you can find all of them online. There are so many great ikea hacks for your home! For more Ikea Billy hacks check out 18 Ingenious Ikea Billy Bookcase Hacks. Also check out this post from The Spruce The 17 Best Ikea Hacks of All Time.

Check out this amazing list of the Top 50 Best Built In Desk Ideas

Over at they have a post full of great Billy Bookcase Ikea hacks where I got some inspiration. There’s one where they transform a IKEA Billy Bookcase into a beautiful Modern Farmhouse Piece by putting shiplap in the back and painted it a beautiful blue color. They have complete lists of materials and how-to’s.

Some of the most popular hacks for the Billy Bookcase include, painting a different color, adding an IKEA shelf on desk, changing the backboard, adding trim/crown molding and adding cool handles & knobs. There’s a lot of possibilities right there.

Benefits of a Bookshelf with Built in Desk

A bookshelf with a built in desk can be an amazing addition to a room, as it adds more than just storage and much-needed functionality. It can also showcase beautiful decorative items.

Creating a focal point in a room is one of the key techniques that interior designers use when they are planning for room decor. If done right it a bookcase or bookshelf with a built in desk can be a fantastic accent wall or focal point for the room.

These custom built units are ideal for small spaces as they offer ample space for both desk and shelves. The benefits of a bookshelf with a built in desktop are numerous. Let’s take a look at some ways to this piece of furniture and enhance your room decor.

The first benefit of this piece of furniture is its capacity to store a large amount of books. These shelves can accommodate anywhere from 25 to 300 pounds, depending on their depth. You can also add beautiful doors to hide items that you don’t want to show. A mix of open and closed shelving as well as glass cabinet doors add a rich and visually interesting focal point to our room.

A desk with a built in bookcase can be a great addition to a home office as it is customized to fit beautifully into the interior of your room. A good desk with built in bookcase will provide plenty of storage space for books and other items, while also providing a place for a computer. You can place a laptop or a computer on the shelves and work on it. This way, you will not be tripping over your work papers, as they are always in reach.

A bookshelf with a built-in desk is a great choice for your home and makes great use of the space. It becomes part of the house, so it will add value to your home as well.

A master carpenter can build anything you can imagine – they can also imagine it for you. It can be very expensive but if you have a luxury home it is they way to go and worth the investment.

I hope this article was helpful and perhaps inspired some ideas for you to add a desk with built in bookcase to your home in an affordable way.

Here are some images I came across that inspired my built-in desk. Maybe they will inspire you too…

Your Dream Decor Realized in 7 Easy Steps

Your Dream Decor Realized in 7 Easy Steps

Your Dream Decor Awaits….

Interior decorating is about making a home look good, and it’s much more than color choices. Interior decorating focuses on how to fit a floor plan with appropriate furniture, decor accents and room interiors, or create a mood or atmosphere with wall or lighting sconces or accent furniture. An interior decorator generally works with one theme from beginning to end to make continuity in a room and usually works with you in color choice, textures and patterns so that they are consistent with the interior decor theme. Decorating ideas can range from using colors to match existing furnishings to using theme specific pieces to bring a new ambience into a room.

If you are up for the challenge to decorate on your own, here are a few simple tips to make your Dream Decor a reality…

  1. Decide on a focal point for the room, such as a work of art, a favorite piece of furniture or other area of the room that has visual interest or a special meaning. Visual interest is key to interior decorating, since a visitor’s first impression of your home is based on what they see. A focal point can be as simple as a beautiful fixture, such as a chandelier, to something as complex as an entire wall or ceiling, which you want to serve as a primary or secondary focal point, depending upon your particular needs and preferences. You should discuss ideas for the focal point with your interior decorator.
  2. Prepare a home decorating plan. A home decorating plan will include the major decisions such as color scheme, type of furniture selected, layout, accessories and accents. A color scheme is a way to coordinate the interior decorating style and color of different elements in your home. Use a color wheel or spectrum analysis to help you decide on a color scheme. The color wheel can also be used as a way to coordinate your chosen design elements, such as floor colors, window treatments and curtain color and design. The plan should also include any accessories or decorating details, such as throw pillows and curtain ties.
  3. Choose a theme for the interior decorating. A theme is the cornerstone of home decorating. You want to create an atmosphere that conveys a feeling of space and tranquility. A few good themes include Victorian, traditional, contemporary, country, or gardening. Your interior design professional will be able to offer you advice on your specific home decorating theme.
  4. Decorate the living room first. The living room is the main gathering place in your home, and is typically the first room visitors are greeted by when entering your home. This room should be decorated in such a way that invites relaxation and invites conversation. Your interior decorating plan should start in this room and be expanded later to include the dining room and/or kitchen.
  5. Learn about basic decorating tips. Many people tend to think of interior decorating as complicated, when it’s actually very simple. In reality, there are five basic decorating tips that you can use to make your home feel modern and contemporary. These include using basic furniture and finishes, using easy to clean touches, adding interesting elements to your room, using unique fabrics and drapes, using mirrors or light fixtures, and including fun, quirky pieces. You can use these same basic decorating tips in all of the rooms in your home, as well as the kitchen and bathroom. Have luxurious home decor in every room!
  6. Choose a secondary focal point. If you feel as though your room decor is not quite there or there’s something missing, consider placing a secondary focal point in these rooms as a way to draw the eye to one specific area. For example, place a vase with fresh flowers on your dining room table, or place a family portrait in an area of your kitchen that is easily visible from the dining room window.
  7. art - musicAdd interest to your home. Do you have a favourite hobby? Why not use your love of that hobby as a way to decorate your home? If you love music or sports for instance, try adding a few framed prints with a minimalistic or abstract artwork with a theme of music or sports. You’ll be amazed at the transformation your home will take!

Our new favourite place to shop for great furniture online is 2Modern. Check them out.

There are many different things you can do to make your Dream Decor come to life, these should get you started on the right track.

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If you just need some enhancements, here’s a video with some excellent, low-cost Dream Decor tips, from Better Homes & Gardens.

Easy Aesthetic Room Ideas – Cute & Fun To Do…

Easy Aesthetic Room Ideas – Cute & Fun To Do…

Updated March 12, 2022

If you’re looking for aesthetic room ideas for your bedroom decor or dorm room, we’ve got some creative ideas an resources for you. These include pictures, paintings, wall prints and many more. To save you more time, we have rounded up a few of our best aesthetic room ideas and where you can buy some of it so you can effortlessly adopt some of these diy room decor ideas for your space.

One of the first things that you need to decide is whether you are going to paint walls of your room or not. If you are not going to paint then you already have a color scheme to work with. If you are going to paint, consider doing an accent wall with a different color that the rest of the walls or if you’re artistic, paint an interesting graphic or a word that’s important to you, perhaps in a cursive font. It’s an easy and effective way to create a focal point.

aesthetic room decor ideas

Available on:


DIY Room Decor

Some people love bright colors, some love vibrant colors and some like it calm with neutral tones. It’s all up to you and what make you feel good.

If you are not an artist, you can always go for wall stickers or temporary decals. They are easy to apply on any surface and they are really very easy to remove too. You can use these stickers to create any find of room aesthetic that you want. You can place one or two in each wall and that will certainly make your room really attractive. There are several decorative wall decals available for purchase these days so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding what you like. Amazon is a good place to start. All you need to do is select one from the list of designs that they display and place your order.

aesthetic room ideas

You can also decorate bookshelves with pictures that revolve around animals, cartoon characters, flowers and butterflies. The theme should of course reflect your personality and interests so if music is your thing, then pictures will likely be of music artists, maybe a few vinyl records, or movie posters or your favourite athletes if you are more into sports.

aesthetic room ideas

Available on: Amazon

More aesthetic room ideas

You can also get some fantastic aesthetic room ideas to decorate your bedroom using beautiful and colorful wallpaper. There are many websites that will offer you a variety of different wallpaper designs. All you need to do is pick one from the list and make your purchase. This wallpaper is also easily removed and replaced too. When you get tired of it, you can replace the old one with a new wallpaper and easily redecorate the room with a whole new look.

You can also find stencils that will inspire other aesthetic room ideas.  Many of these decorative stencils are free of cost and you can simply browse through the site to find a design idea that you like. Then just download them and print them out.

Aesthetic Room Decor

Our favourite places to find aesthetic room decor items online Amazon and Etsy. There is endless selection and the prices for most items is pretty cheap.

aesthetic room decor ideas

Available on Amazon

The lighting in a room plays a huge role in the ambience, and LED fairy lights can add an incredible touche to your decor. They don’t cost very much and they are super-easy to hand and install. LED lights look amazing hung over sheers and many come with a remote control that let’s you change the colors to match the mood plus you can dim them even fade on and off.

aesthetic room ideas

Available on: Amazon

Try hanging fairy lights on your wall and using clothes pins to hang your favourite photos on the wires.

aesthetic room decor ideas

Available on: Amazon

Spend some time gathering ideas to inspire and give you some direction before you jump in.

aesthetic room decor ideas

Available on: Amazon

Pinterest is a great resource for this as well as Instagram, Facebook and even TikTok.

Getting some good inspiration from others is very helpful and saves some time. Once you add your own pictures and decorative elements that mean something to you, it will probably come out completely unique and be a reflection of your own personality.

So, have some fun and get started creating your own awesome, aesthetic room decor and turn your room into something uniquely yours.

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How to Decorate Your Home Like a Pro – Tips and Resources

How to Decorate Your Home Like a Pro – Tips and Resources

If your home decor needs a makeover and you are wondering how to decorate your home where to even begin, we’ve got some great tips for you.

Some people just seem to have an inherent ability and just know how to decorate a home beautifully while others struggle with where to even begin.

You may not be a natural-born interior decorator but there are some simple steps you can take that will make a remarkable difference in your decorating efforts.

By learning some basic design principles, you will have a better understanding of the process involved so that you can decorate your home beautifully, room by room. 

Interior Design vs Interior Decorating – How to Decorate Your Home

Understand that an Interior Designer is a professional who has formal training and hiring one is highly recommended if your project involves structural changes to your home. An Interior decorator focuses on the aesthetics and appearance of an existing room and does not require formal training. 

Basic Elements of Decor

The first thing you should do is decide on a style direction for your entire home. Try to create unity and harmony throughout the entire house. Begin by choosing a broad style category such as modern, formal, casual, traditional, etc. Then narrow it down more specifically with styles such as Modern Farmhouse, Boho Chic, Scandinavian, Mid-Century, or whatever appeals to you most. 

How do you choose a decor style? You can explore endless style possibilities by visiting sites like PinterestInstagram, and Houzz to get some inspiration. 

Good Balance is Key

balance - How to Decorate Your Home

Balance is an important design principle. A visually pleasing room has a balanced distribution of the visual weight within the room. 

Start by creating a focal point in the room. It may be a fireplace or artwork but it will usually be obvious because of its scale, unique texture, or dominant color. Then you find and position furniture and decorative elements to compliment your featured items and strike a visual balance. Pay close attention to how that is achieved in the inspirational photos you collect. 

It is a good idea to either draw your room layout on paper or use one of the many room layout apps you can find online. Homestyler, Roomstyler 3D, and Planner 5D are a few that we like.

Create a Color Scheme

color-scheme - How to Decorate Your Home

Choosing a color palette is an important step and try to keep unity throughout the house. It is generally a good idea to select a neutral color that reflects the style of your home, and can be used throughout the house. Then add accent colors where they are needed. Check out this helpful Color a Room Tool tool from Benjamin Moore.

Choose contrasting colors and shapes for decor elements in your room. 

Add Some Punch with Patterns

patterns- How to Decorate Your Home

Add interest to your decor with patterns. You can do this easily with tiles or laying hardwood on an angle, add an interesting area rug with geometric patterns, or even throw pillows.

Light It Up

Lighting has an enormous impact on the ambiance of a room.  A living room really needs 3 types of lighting –  ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. These could include floor lamps, table lamps, sconces, hanging pendant lights, or chandeliers. Ambient light is great but when you want to read you’ll need to have task lighting as well. You have a lot of flexibility in styles here because if your style is modern, you can add something traditional such as a chandelier, and still retain an overall modern look.

lighting- How to Decorate Your Home

You just have to strike a balance with the various fixture you may need. When decorating with modern living room ideas in mind, remember the importance of natural light. Click here to read more about these floor lamps.

The Power of 3

groups-of-3- How to Decorate Your Home

If there is a magic number in design, it is 3 and in general, use odd numbers. Group odd numbers of items whether it’s books, cushions, photos or candles. It forces the eye to move around the display, creating a level of visual interest that is symmetrical, even-numbered groupings just don’t have the same effect.

In the photo at the top of this post, you will see examples of groupings in 3s on the bookshelf.

Just Get Started

The hardest part is just getting started and making those initial decisions.

Once you get started, the process will usually flow quite easily. That is because you made some decisions in earlier steps that will help you stay focused. By deciding on a specific style direction, you narrow down the possibilities for decor items that will actually work.  

If you don’t choose a specific style direction, you will face an overwhelming number of selection decisions at every step along the way. 

Be sure to spend enough time exploring what other people have done. Doing so will help you find the inspiration you need and then the journey will become much easier. 

So, get started. Visit PinterestInstagramHouzz, and search Google images. Check out online magazines like BHGStyle at HomeHouse and Home, and Elle Decor.

If you like the Modern Farmhouse styles, then be sure to check out our post about the amazing Industrial Farmhouse Decor Style where we explore that style at length. It also describes many of the other hybrid Farmhouse styles that have evolved like Boho FarmhouseCoastal FarmhouseFrench Farmhouse, Scandinavian Farmhouse, and more.

Farmhouse style has a lot of flexibility in style choices as well as how you spend your budget. Restoring old furniture is one of the common elements in Farmhouse style and it can make things very budget-friendly. 


Where to buy

There is no shortage of online stores where you can buy your furniture and decor. 

You can find lots of great deals. If your budget allows some splurging, a good sofa and bed are probably the 2 most important pieces of furniture since they will likely be used the most. Accent furniture can be expensive but if your budget is limited, you can find lots of good deals on sites like Wayfair and Ikea. 

Figuring out how to decorate your home can be exciting and extremely satisfying, especially when people walk into the room and say “WOW”.  That’s the ultimate compliment, so go for the WOW factor! It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, just get creative within your means.

If you’re looking for something new and a little more unique, we rounded up some other websites where you can find some great furniture online:

10 Wall Decor Ideas That Are Beautiful and Affordable

10 Wall Decor Ideas That Are Beautiful and Affordable

Need some affordable wall decor ideas?

Are you standing there staring at a blank wall and you’re just not sure what to do with it? Whether you like to dig in and get creative or make something that is but quick and easy, we have something for you. We rounded up some inexpensive wall decor ideas that we like and we hope they’ll inspire you too.

1. Frame a Poster

If you knew that you can get poster size prints (24×36″) for about $3, I’ll bet you could come up with a lot of ideas. How about sheet music of your favorite song? Great idea!

2. Gallery Wall

There are endless possibilities if you choose to create a gallery wall using a variety of objects. Clocks, framed photos, framed quotes, dried flowers.. you get the idea.

3. Sharpie Art

Here’s a great idea to create your own large scale art. Take a large piece of wood and draw make circles using a Sharpie Paint Pen. Super easy and it looks fantastic! Check it out!

4. Favorite Quote

Wall Decor Ideas


Get creative with your favorite quote printed and framed. Very simple and inexpensive to do!

5. Family Recipe

Wall Decor Ideas - Recipe print


Turn your favorite family recipe into a large wall hanging or framed artwork! Stylish & Heartwarming!

6. Basket Collection

Woven baskets are a great way to warm up your walls. The variety of texture and styles create a beautiful dimension to the walls and really add a cozy feel to the room.

7. Frames and Shelves

Combine framed photos on floating shelves with hung photos for a dynamic conversational wall. Maybe make it a family travels theme.

8. Unique Mirror

Wall Decor Ideas

Source: Burke Decor

Sometimes a mirror is just the perfect thing, especially in a front hallway. There are so many incredible designs out there. We’ll be doing another article just about mirrors. #affiliateLink

9. Simple Paper Shapes Wall Art

Here’s a fun project for the modern minimalist in you. Make simple shapes and frame them. It sounds easy – here’s a full tutorial on how to do it.

10. Wood Veneer Art

If you love wood, here’s an idea that may capture your imagination. Click here for a full tutorial on how to make this beautiful framed veneer art. We hope you enjoy this collection. Let us know if you would like to see more of these roundups!

Home Staging Tips to Get the Best Offer and Fast

Home Staging Tips to Get the Best Offer and Fast

Sell Your Home Faster With These Home Staging Tips

We all want to get the highest possible price when we sell our home. While some things like location and the economy are out of our control there are many things that we can do to ensure that we receive top dollar.

Without question, the most important thing is setting the right asking price. Your real estate agent can put comps together and help you with that. Once you figure out the current market value, you can make other strategic decisions. 

Beyond the setting the right price, the next most important thing is how your house is presented. That is the primary focus of this article and in fact you should not set the asking price of your home until you make some decisions about staging and presenting your home.

My wife and I have purchased and sold 12 homes so far so I speak from experience. They all sold very quickly and most 6 were above asking price. 

home staging tips

Here is a perfect example of how important home staging is…

Our personal home staging case study

We owned a townhouse for 5 years in a development with about 60 town homes. We decided to list it for sale so we could move to another part of the city. Right at the same time, another identical house across the street was listed at $44K less than ours.

We listed our house at $279K and the one across the street listed at $235K. I was quite concerned at first but not for long. Our house sold for the asking price in about 10 days and the one across the street took nearly 4 months to sell. 

What was the difference? 

Visual appeal on the interior was the difference. The only upgrade we had was hardwood flooring in the living/dining room worth about $6,000. Other than that, they were the same house. 

Our house was beautifully decorated and theirs was very blasé and unappealing. I found it baffling that our house sold for that much more. Consider that once we took our things out of the house, the buyer was left with basically the same house that they could have purchased across the street and saved $44,000.

Personally, I would have taken the house across the street and put some effort into making it nicer inside with some flooring and paint and nice furniture. However, I quickly learned that not everyone thinks that way.

Love At First Sight


The important point here is that making a great first impression is key to helping you get a fast offer for the best possible price. Any improvements you do that help make a great first impression or improve the “curb appeal” will increase the potential profit you will make.

It is a fact that well showcased houses sell 84 percent faster than those that are not.

First Impressions Last Forever

People make a very quick initial decision as to whether they like a house or not just based on a visual first impression. Number one on a list of home staging tips would be to get the curb appeal factor working for you right from the start. If buyers get a negative feeling, then you have to win them back with other features in the home. 

Make the exterior as beautiful as possible. Otherwise, they may try to use the un-pleasing exterior as leverage when they try to negotiate a price. That is of course assuming that they are interested enough to make an offer. 

You are probably already aware of the obvious things that need attention in your house. Maybe you have a broken railing on your front porch. You definitely want to fix anything that needs repair. 

Do the obvious things like cut the lawn, trim the bushes and clean up the garden. Any furniture that is outside should look new and sharp. 

New hardware and a fresh coat of paint on your front door are simple, inexpensive fixes go a long way in making a good overall impression. 

Let’s Go Inside

A little additional work can dramatically affect the length of time your house will stay on the market and the asking price that you can list it for. Many home buyers are just not interested in doing a lot of home improvements. 

If some buyers see that they will have to fix a whole bunch of things they may just take a pass on your house or they may start thinking about what other problems there might be that they can’t see.

If you impress them with a well maintained house, it might encourage them to choose your house rather than the one down the street. 

The good news is that many small enhancements that positively affect the value of your house, like a fresh coat of paint, aren’t that expensive. 

Your goal is to make your home as visually pleasing as possible so that you are not put into a weak position when it comes time to negotiate. If a buyer sees flaws, they will use that to bring down the price. 

Professional staging can sell a house.
When I look back at houses we’ve had staged and the houses we’ve shown without staging, the difference is incredible. Professional stagers know how to put in just the right furniture and decor to make buyers really see themselves living there. Staging is almost always worth the price.
@therealtarekelmoussa – HGTV Flip or Flop

Should you renovate?

If you have major issues or several minor issues, you might find that no offers are coming in. This can be stressful and the longer it takes to sell, the less likely you are going to get the price you really want.

If you’re considering a significant remodel project simply so that you can sell your house, you should be very careful as it may not provide more profit. If for example, you have a worn looking kitchen, you should do something about it. If you can make it more appealing with minor changes instead of a remodel then minor upgrades may be the answer. 

In one house that we had, the kitchen was not bad but there was ugly ceramic tile. It was in good shape but ugly so we bought some beautiful laminate flooring and layed it right over the tile. It took an afternoon and about $500 in materials. This was a lot easier and cheaper than ripping out the old ceramic tile and laying new tile.

The kitchen cabinets were in good shape but ordinary. We bought some beautiful handles on Amazon and the total cost was about $65. The kitchen was in full view from the front door so these inexpensive changes made a world of difference to the overall impression. 

Should you do a major remodel?

Keep in mind, there are no assurances that you would recuperate the costs of major remodel so make sure the cost vs return makes sense. Unless your home is in dire need of serious renovations, focus on making your home appealing, clean, nice and well maintained. Maybe leave it to the new owners to do their own customizations.

Before you start thinking about major renovations, remind yourself that you are enhancing your home to quickly sell it for the best price and your goal is to make it look enticing to buyers. Make it appealing to as broad a spectrum of possible purchasers as possible. Narrowing your target to a specific niche market might take longer to sell.

If you really feel that the kitchen or bathroom needs a remodel, get some estimates of the cost and talk to your real estate agent about how much more you could expect from the sale price. It should make the house sell faster but you’ll have to look at the numbers and decide whether a remodel would be worth the time and expense.

It is a fact that staged homes bring as much as 15 percent more revenue that those that are not.


The little things are a Big Deal

Tackle the projects are the most obvious like things that are broken. They tend to be simpler and generally cost the least. They are “must-do’s” because things that are broken are things that people know they will have to deal with and it also has a psychological effect. In the back of their mind, they may think “maybe there are more problems that I need to watch out for”. This puts you in a weaker position.

Try to make significant improvements to the overall look of your home. Think about various cosmetic methods for a general improvement, e.g. cleaning, painting, refinishing, and more. If you make wise decisions, certain enhancements that greatly enhance the appeal of your house will definitely improve the perceived value. 

Visual elements are important

Focus on things that are highly visible and enhance the overall impression of the house, like landscaping, brand-new floor covering or paint, rather than an insulation upgrade or anything that is not visible.

People purchase what they “see”. Their general impression of the home needs to be positive and get them visualizing their future right there in the house. Perceived problems will distract them from those feelings. 

The neighborhood is really important

When examining other houses in the area, make sure that your home meets the standards and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. The best makeover you can give your house is one that retains its original style. An upgraded façade can protect your house from structural damage and provides a beautifully maintained aesthetic. 

Make Buyers Say Wow!

As mentioned previously, staging your home and making a great first impression will make your home sell faster. Do what you can to give your home a WOW factor. If people walk into your house and say “wow”, you’re golden. You will have created desire and there’s a strong chance that will also feel that way and you just might get a handful of offers. 

Mistake: Ignoring your home’s exterior
“Simple touches like making sure the lawn is freshly cut, power-washing the driveway, or putting a few freshly potted plants on the front porch can make a big impact,” says Jo. “It’s all about reminding them that your house is cared for, so they won’t worry that you’re also ignoring what they can’t see.”
@joannagaines  – HGTV, Fixer Upper

How can I stage my house for free?

Many agents actually offer home staging as a service in their quoted commission rate. Know that you will likely pay a higher commission rate than if you take care of it yourself.

Check out these home staging before and afters from out Pinterest boards…


Here are some key home staging tips to make your house look it’s best and sell fast:

Crush the curb appeal

This is where it all starts. Potential buyers will often drive by your home first to decide whether it’s worth taking the time to take a look inside. Don’t lose them there, make sure it looks great from the outside. Here are the key things to take care of:

  • Power wash the exterior eavestroughs, siding and walkways
  • Place nice house numbers that are easy to see
  • Plant flowers and fresh greenery
  • Mow lawn, trim the shrubs – make the garden look it’s best
  • Wash the windows
  • Repaint or stain the front door and replace the door hardware
  • Place a brand new welcome mat
  • Any furniture that is outside should look new and sharp. 
Make your house sparkling clean

A great first impression starts with a clean & tidy house. This includes clean windows, flooring, counter tops, cupboards, baseboards, ceilings and fixtures. Everything needs to be clean. If the task is too big, hire a cleaning company to come in for a day. It won’t cost that much and it’s worth it.  

Clear the clutter

Don’t leave any of your personal stuff laying around. Also remove any visible personal photos. Replace personal photos with other artwork if necessary – it’s a well known negative distraction to home buyers. 

Make it fragrant

Unpleasant odors will turn buyers off. You should make sure that your home smells great. If you have pets, get any carpets cleaned. Oh, and don’t leave any dirty laundry laying around.

One effective way of creating a great smell is using scented candles. Be sure to get rid of any cooking smells unless it’s baked apple pie, that apparently works in your favour.  

Freshen up the paint

Fresh paint can make a big difference in the overall impression. New paint shows that you maintain the property. You should also fix any scratches, dents and wall holes while you’re at it.

Clear the closets

Everyone needs storage space. If you jam your closets with stuff, buyers may get the impression that there just isn’t enough storage space and take a pass on the property for that reason alone. You should remove excess things from the closets in order to create the impression that there is plenty of room.

Let there be light

When you have showings at your house, be sure to have your curtains drawn to let in natural light. Use natural light as much as possible. While electric lighting can be used to enhance the interior of your house, it can give a gloomy impression if there is no natural light.

Give your dining room table some style

You could set the dining room table beautifully. At the very least just clean it and add a nice centerpiece.

A summary of Home Staging Tips

Take these steps to create a great impression and you could put yourself in the ideal position – the one where you get multiple offers. Yes, we are talking about a bidding war. It’s the best place to be because you will probably get much more than your asking price!

If you do everything you can to make your house have a WOW factor when people come to your house then you are going to reap the rewards of your efforts.

It can be overwhelming so get some help if you need to. If you need help getting organized we created an ebook that has a comprehensive checklist you can use to stay organized. Just sign up below and you can download it right away.

I hope we have given you some inspiration to give your house a WOW factor.

Remember that by staging your home and making it as desirable as possible you will not only sell your home faster, you will also sell it at a high price.

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Would you like a comprehensive checklist that you can download?

Download our Home Staging Guide to Help You Sell Fast & Get the Maximum Price!

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Comprehensive checklist is included so you’ll know exactly what needs to be done and you can keep track of your to-do list.

Save the cost of hiring staging professionals and unleash your own Home Staging Superpowers.

How to Make Your Home Sell Fast


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