Ingenious Vent Cover Design That Adds Luxury To Your Decor

I have lived in many homes and gone through several renovations that involved new flooring installations. It’s astounding how many beautiful flooring options are available to us now. They have beautiful designs, and colors and come in durable materials like vinyl and laminate and they come in a range of reasonable prices. 

Old Floor vent coversHave you heard that beautiful flooring has always had ugly cousins? That’s right I said ugly and they’re called Vent Covers. Those ugly old AC and Heat register covers that stick out of the floor and we try to pretend they are not there. 

The real old metal ones looked like they came from old military aircrafts or something. After you install beautiful new flooring it’s a shame that you have to put these things in and ugly up the floor and just accept that they need to be there.

Over the years we have seen decorative designs come along that are supposed to make it prettier but they draw your attention. Why would you want to draw attention to the holes in your floor? If you are minimalist, you probably hate these decorative vents. 

Some are cute and whimsical but they are certainly not elegant or luxurious. The typical floor vent covers that you find at Home Depot are not befitting of the luxurious homes that are being constructed these days.

They have colored plastic vents that you can sort of match to the flooring color. It still looks lame though especially if you have luxury design. 

There is Something Better, Finally!

I was very excited when I was recently introduced to a solution for the ugly air vent problem. Check out kul grilles. If you love elegant, minimalist design, you’re going to love these air vent covers.

Floor vent covers

The design is so simple and understated that it’s hard to believe that they haven’t always existed. I believe they only come in 6 colors but they don’t really need more colors. 

Visitors to your home may or may not notice these elegant air vents. They somehow blend in with their minimalist design while elevating the elegance of a room at the same time.

vent covers

While there aren’t many color options for these vent covers, they do come in many sizes so you can use them for your larger wall vents as well. You can also order custom sizes if you need to. 

air vent covers

While I’m sitting here writing this and looking at one of the kul grilles vent covers, it just dawned on me what makes these so different. It’s the direction of the vents.

Typical old heating registers have several vent slats going across the short width. By contrast, Kul Grilles have fewer vents going across the length which gives the design that sleek, minimalistic feel along with the simple bevel edge frame.

OK – not to gush here but I’m glad to see that we finally have a new option for adding touch of luxury for all the beautiful homes out there.

Kudos to Kul Grilles for a beautiful innovative vent cover design – an old product that many people were not paying much attention to.

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