Your Dream Decor Realized in 7 Easy Steps

Your Dream Decor Awaits….

Interior decorating is about making a home look good, and it’s much more than color choices. Interior decorating focuses on how to fit a floor plan with appropriate furniture, decor accents and room interiors, or create a mood or atmosphere with wall or lighting sconces or accent furniture. An interior decorator generally works with one theme from beginning to end to make continuity in a room and usually works with you in color choice, textures and patterns so that they are consistent with the interior decor theme. Decorating ideas can range from using colors to match existing furnishings to using theme specific pieces to bring a new ambience into a room.

If you are up for the challenge to decorate on your own, here are a few simple tips to make your Dream Decor a reality…

  1. Decide on a focal point for the room, such as a work of art, a favorite piece of furniture or other area of the room that has visual interest or a special meaning. Visual interest is key to interior decorating, since a visitor’s first impression of your home is based on what they see. A focal point can be as simple as a beautiful fixture, such as a chandelier, to something as complex as an entire wall or ceiling, which you want to serve as a primary or secondary focal point, depending upon your particular needs and preferences. You should discuss ideas for the focal point with your interior decorator.
  2. Prepare a home decorating plan. A home decorating plan will include the major decisions such as color scheme, type of furniture selected, layout, accessories and accents. A color scheme is a way to coordinate the interior decorating style and color of different elements in your home. Use a color wheel or spectrum analysis to help you decide on a color scheme. The color wheel can also be used as a way to coordinate your chosen design elements, such as floor colors, window treatments and curtain color and design. The plan should also include any accessories or decorating details, such as throw pillows and curtain ties.
  3. Choose a theme for the interior decorating. A theme is the cornerstone of home decorating. You want to create an atmosphere that conveys a feeling of space and tranquility. A few good themes include Victorian, traditional, contemporary, country, or gardening. Your interior design professional will be able to offer you advice on your specific home decorating theme.
  4. Decorate the living room first. The living room is the main gathering place in your home, and is typically the first room visitors are greeted by when entering your home. This room should be decorated in such a way that invites relaxation and invites conversation. Your interior decorating plan should start in this room and be expanded later to include the dining room and/or kitchen.
  5. Learn about basic decorating tips. Many people tend to think of interior decorating as complicated, when it’s actually very simple. In reality, there are five basic decorating tips that you can use to make your home feel modern and contemporary. These include using basic furniture and finishes, using easy to clean touches, adding interesting elements to your room, using unique fabrics and drapes, using mirrors or light fixtures, and including fun, quirky pieces. You can use these same basic decorating tips in all of the rooms in your home, as well as the kitchen and bathroom. Have luxurious home decor in every room!
  6. Choose a secondary focal point. If you feel as though your room decor is not quite there or there’s something missing, consider placing a secondary focal point in these rooms as a way to draw the eye to one specific area. For example, place a vase with fresh flowers on your dining room table, or place a family portrait in an area of your kitchen that is easily visible from the dining room window.
  7. art - musicAdd interest to your home. Do you have a favourite hobby? Why not use your love of that hobby as a way to decorate your home? If you love music or sports for instance, try adding a few framed prints with a minimalistic or abstract artwork with a theme of music or sports. You’ll be amazed at the transformation your home will take!

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There are many different things you can do to make your Dream Decor come to life, these should get you started on the right track.

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