Wood flooring is simply amazing! To begin with, it’s an evergreen choice for your home. It’s classically timeless, adding beauty and style while complementing your decor and furniture. Yet wood flooring can also be part of new decorating trends, making it one of the most versatile options.

Whatever your taste, there’s a wide range of colors and finishes that are sure to look incredible. Even more exciting, you can choose laminate, engineered wood or solid timber. Each version has its special qualities. It’s easy to see why the US wood flooring market is annually worth more than $4.6 billion.

What is Laminate?

When you have a limited budget, laminate can be an economical choice. It currently accounts for around 5% of new American floors. The top layer is manufactured from paper with a printed image of wooden planks. It’s realistic, with knots, grain and subtle changes of color. The surface is then coated with transparent melamine infused with aluminum oxide to make it reliably water-resistant.

The layer is then applied to high-density fiberboard. It often includes a cushioned backing to provide additional comfort. Scuff marks cannot be removed, but when cared for, laminate should last fifteen to twenty-five years. If you love redecorating to match the latest trends, laminate can be changed frequently. Another option is engineered wood flooring but why would you choose it?

Why Choose Engineered Wood?

The hidden layers of engineered wood flooring are usually manufactured from plywood, pine or even high-density fiberboard. The different layers make a durable core that’s cushioned and comfortable. The top layer is a thin veneer of genuine wood such as oak.

According to Grand View Research, engineered wood flooring comprises 52% of the American wood flooring sector. It has the qualities of solid wood, but it has increased flexibility due to compressed inner layers. It’s a versatile option for rooms with high humidity levels. This type of flooring can be sanded around two times to remove unsightly marks and should last for at least fifty years.

Is Solid Wood Flooring the Best?

This comprises a single layer of solid timber. It is the heaviest type of wood flooring and usually takes a long time to install. The surface can be sanded and refinished multiple times to rejuvenate its appearance. Solid wood flooring doesn’t perform well in humid conditions.

Moisture and high temperatures cause the timber to expand and contract. It is best avoided if you have underfloor heating. However, with regular maintenance, it can last for more than 100 years. Data published by FCNews.net shows the trend for solid wood flooring has recently decreased by 4%.

Living Room Flooring Trends

Wood flooring in a long plank design is a favorite choice for living rooms. It combines elegance with practical durability. Neutral color finishes are still very popular, with gray being way ahead. It’s an ideal choice for the cool aesthetics of contemporary homes.

Gray wood flooring is a great match for accent walls where you can showcase your creativity. You can even select darker slate gray tones for maximum impact, especially in a bright, sunny room. Alternative colors trending right now include ash blonde, but if you want a timeless look, choose golden brown.

Wood Flooring for Kitchens

As one of the busiest rooms in your home, you need flooring that can withstand water spillages, dried in pet food and muddy sneakers. Engineered wood is an ideal choice as it has natural flexibility that’s suitable for steam and humidity. It’s perfect for the current trend of refurbishing in an industrial farmhouse style.

It’s an exciting decor trend that features exposed brick, and metal girders to hold your pots and pans. The bold, dramatic decor can be enhanced by engineered wood flooring in a color such as dark walnut brown. Try a beautiful zigzag pattern such as herringbone or chevron that’s sure to complement the industrial chic of your farmhouse cabinets.

Is Wood Flooring Best for Bedrooms

Wood flooring can be surprisingly cozy in bedrooms. However, if your home has underfloor heating, it may be best to install engineered wood flooring as it usually withstands direct warmth. The debate is whether you install wood flooring in all bedrooms in the same color or choose different tones. The choice is entirely up to you.

However, a Harris Poll recently highlighted that 58% of Americans are longing to use vibrant colors in their homes, but many are too afraid to try! You can choose bold, red tones to complement wood flooring in a complex Versailles pattern. Alternatively, opt for neutral flooring and keep vibrant colors for the walls and accessories.


Wood flooring is a versatile choice for your home. The flooring trends for engineered wood flooring are currently increasing against solid wood floors and laminates. However, each type has its merits. Laminate is cost-effective. It won’t last decades, but it’s easily installed and replaced. By contrast, solid wood floors can last longer than a century.

Choose colors with care as many new flooring trends might occur throughout the years. Engineered wood flooring offers the most versatility in terms of cost, longevity and performance. It’s ideal for any room and includes distinctive patterns and colors. Engineered wood flooring is a trend that’s here to stay.

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