12 Mid Century Modern Credenzas to transform your decor

A Mid Century Modern credenza can be a wonderful addition to your dining room or living room decor. Furnishing your home with this beautiful accent will surely add some beauty and elegance as well as useful storage.

We live in an overcrowded world. At times it seems impossible to find many things in our home. So, you need to have a way to properly store these things in an orderly manner. You can’t just put any old box or any old storage unit anywhere in your home. It’s better if you place them properly in designated areas of your home like closets, drawers and shelves. Storage doesn’t all have to be purely functional, you can make it part of your decor with something like a beautiful Mid Century Modern credenza.

A Credenza is commonly used in a dining room where you can conveniently store your best cutlery and dishes. It provides this useful storage while adding a beautiful accent and unique flair to your room. You can also use it in your living room or family room where it works well as a home theater storage.

Mid Century Credenza furniture is typically made from high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. Commonly used woods include oak, teak, walnut, cherry, mahogany, pine and mahogany.

There is a vast selection of beautiful credenzas at a wide range of prices. You can also find vintage reproductions which are also very popular. These reproductions are generally sold at discount prices and then there are some online stores that also offer genuine vintage pieces for those who are collectors.

You can easily purchase credenzas at popular online stores.  We’ve all gone through the experience of looking through hundreds of images where nothing grabs your attention. The endless possibilities can feel like an endless chore so we are put a collection we really like. If we share similar tastes, this collection from Amazon may save you some time searching.


Here are 12 Mid Century Modern Credenzas that we love…

Mid Century Modern Credenza
Mid Century Modern Credenza 1
Mid Century Modern Credenza
Mid Century Modern Credenza
Mid Century Modern Credenza
Mid Century Modern Credenza
Mid Century Modern Credenza
Mid Century Modern Credenza
Mid Century Modern Credenza
Mid Century Modern Credenza
Mid Century Modern Credenza
Mid Century Modern Credenza

While Mid Century Modern has never really gone out of style, the Mad Men TV series put the spotlight back on the design style and boosted awareness and it’s popularity once again.

The captivating furniture of the past that envisioned a contemporary, uncluttered future – seeing the future in furniture – is very current today. Several mid-century furniture manufacturers are still producing many of the designs of that period today, such as Herman Miller and Knoll. The famous Barcelona Chair has never been phased out of production since it came onto the market. The retro furnishings that were once affordable for the masses are now inaccessible to them. The Barcelona Chair costs a bit over $6,000, at Knoll for example, and an original Marshmallow Sofa currently selling for over $47,000.

Fortunately, many manufacturers are producing affordable, Mid Century Modern inspired designs and replicas.

 There are so many credenza styling pictures where a huge piece of art is mounted above the cabinet. Do you wonder why? It’s easy and it just works. Placing a credenza below such a large piece of art somehow manages to emphasize the art’s connection with the rest of the room. Of course it’s not the only choice. A Credenza is also ideal for hanging a mirror, framed photos, metal wall art, etc. You may decide to accessorize your credenza as a bar area by putting a serving tray with liquor bottles and a cocktail shaker for instance. This will likely influence what you hang on the the wall above the credenza.

The possibilities are endless. Make it your own and enjoy it for years to come.

A Mid century modern credenza is indeed a beautiful accent for your home. It will create a unique look and provide you with functionality like storage, a place to put your TV or bar and more.. This storage system can be placed in any part of your home such as your living room. It can be a perfect addition to your home because it gives your home a beautiful accent while at the same time, it offers functional storage space. Your home will definitely look more stylish with this beautiful accent.

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