Beautiful Coastal Kitchens and Coastal Decor Ideas 2022

Get Inspired With These Trending Coastal Kitchen Design Ideas

When we think about the beach we conjure up feelings of calm and tranquility. It’s a wonderful place where we go to feel relaxed. Bringing that feeling into your kitchen is the goal when you want to design a Coastal Kitchen.

How do you make a Kitchen Look and Feel Coastal?

The coastal kitchen vibe all starts with the color palette. The natural colors of the beach can all work beautifully in coastal kitchens.

Think about the colors of the sand, clouds, sea shells, greenery and of course the water with its’ rich palette of blues and greens.

Coastal kitchens also feature natural light. Big windows with a beautiful ocean view are ideal of course but you can still achieve a great coastal kitchen feel without the ocean view.

The color scheme usually has bright tones such as shades of white or seashells as a base accented with blues or greens.

Think of creative ways to bring in blue or green accents in to the kitchen. You can use a lot or little. For instance, the backsplash can have subtle blues or make the backsplash really strong blue hues. It’s up to you.

Another popular way is to use blue for the base of the kitchen island when all the other cabinets are white.

Coastal Decor Ideas

You can bring some natural beach elements in like driftwood and rattan and wicker to give the kitchen a coastal feel. Think wood or wicker pendant lights when you’re exploring coastal decor ideas.

You can also bring in the blues and greens with textiles on your chairs or bar stools.

Feature blue in the floor tiles or an open-plan layout with large windows with soft curtains that have subtle blue tones can make your kitchen feel like it has a coastal vibe.

The point is that there are many ways to make the kitchen have a beachy, coastal feel without the need to hang anchors and ropes.

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If you’re looking to create a coastal space in your kitchen, here are some inspiring ideas you can incorporate.

We love the subtle elegance of this kitchen. The cabinets have simple shaker style doors but check out the seafoam green range hood and the copper handles. A white stove has never looked so good. The natural wood shelves and subtle but textured backsplash help to bring it all together to make the stove and range hood the stand-out focal point.

An exquisite coastal kitchen featuring white cabinets and gold accents with a seafoam green island, clear hanging pendants and nautical themed stools stands out as a truly unique kitchen.

In this coastal setting, various elements such as a black and white eat-in bar, a turquoise preparation island, traditional white cabinets, glass modern backsplash, and industrial chandeliers are harmoniously combined to create a very beach-like atmosphere.

The farmhouse sink, beadboard paneling, stunning hardware on the cabinets and stove, grey blue counter that compliments the cupboards below, and light cabinets all contribute to this appealing design.

Upscale contemporary cottage vibe is what comes to mind here. The bead-board on the island and ceiling are a unique and give the kitchen a cozy charm. Love the warm color of the cabinets.

A fabulous range hood in black and gold is an unexpected feature and rocks this beachy vibe kitchen. So many cool textures on display from wood shelves, a concrete sink, bronze hardware and a funky backsplash, gives this look an A-Plus!

Here’s the best of modern beachy! A beautiful white room, coupled with natural light and tastefully placed accent lights, gives this  space an airy feel. Along with two display units one in crisp white and the other in a calm blue with gorgeous accents placed just right makes this look an absolute winner.

What a standout kitchen! Featuring light blues and whites, this kitchen is peaceful and calming. Stunning rattan bar stools and pendant lighting that draws the outdoors indoors combine to create a very pleasant atmosphere. Family and friends will feel right at home here!

It’s all about comfort here! A relaxing kitchen to come home and relax in after a long day at work. I love the combination of textures here. There’s nothing like a stunning backsplash over the stove to give this coastal gem some drama. Stylish rattans in different colors paired with crisp white cabinets help make this kitchen a top contender.

This kitchen is amazing. I love the elegance it exudes. With calming blues, just the right glass pendants shining down over that impressive island, this modern traditional look scores high in my book. How beautiful is that floor? Brings all the elements together so beautifully.

Easy, Simple, and Comfortable!  Light wood backsplash along with crisp white subway tiles and light floors, metal half moon pull handles, black industrial counter height chairs and beautiful white cabinets all combined and voilà coastal farmhouse chic.

It doesn’t get any better than this! An outdoor kitchen with an incredible view. An industrial countertop that will withstand the elements for years to come. Here, the colors chosen are a lovely addition to the surrounding environment. A modern oasis in paradise!

Talk about an open modern concept! Placing the gorgeous island on an angle gives this an edgy cool feel. This extra large space is decked out with a stylish mix of metal fixtures, crisp white countertops and cupboards, and stunning laminate flooring. This seems to be the kind of kitchen in which a professional chef would be at home.

This classy beachy look is a dream come true. Combining cool white cupboards with a dark colored island, & incorporating rattan oversized pendant lights makes a beautiful well balanced look. Not to mention all that natural sunlight lighting up the room how inviting is this?

Double stoves!!! A must-have for the passionate cook! Surrounded by gorgeous white carpentry and a beautiful backsplash this gem has a beautiful beachy feel. This space is delightfully bright and airy, perfect for wonderful savoury meals!

The Trending Style of Coastal Kitchens

The trend of coastal kitchens is not new at all. People have been doing this for years and it still continues. Coastal cooking has become a popular trend in the last decade and we can see why – people love the look, feel, and convenience that these kitchens offer to their home.

In recent years, many people have been utilizing the style in their own homes whether they live on the coast or not.

Stainless steel appliances, quartz countertops, open shelving are common elements of coastal kitchen spaces giving a modern twist on this classic style.

Many homeowners are opting for a kitchen island with a different color than the kitchen cabinets on the walls because it creates an inviting atmosphere and makes a more visually interesting kitchen space.

We collected some beautiful images of coastal kitchens to help you get inspired by the different coastal styles you can use for your home.

They range from Boho Chic to Elegant Modern.  Check out these fabulous coastal kitchen designs for some real inspiration.

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How to Get That Coastal Feel?

The key to a coastal look and feel is the color palette. Soft, muted colors with an emphasis on blues and greens are perfect for giving any kitchen a coastal feeling.

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