Countertops are an important part of your kitchen. They can determine the very essence of the room and define its entire look all by themselves.

Of course, the cupboards and other necessary units also play a part. However, it is the countertops that carry the most importance. The remaining furniture, units, and appliances are often designed corresponding to the countertop theme.

When it comes to redecorating their kitchens, people often tend to assume that changing their countertop is necessary. It really isn’t. There are ways you can modify or reface countertops to change the way it looks without replacing it entirely.

Sanding concrete

If you have a concrete countertop surface, you can sand it and apply a feather finish product according to your instructions.

After that, apply an even layer of your concrete, leave to dry, then sand with 120 grit sandpaper. Complete another two layers similarly, and there you have a brand new look for your kitchen countertop.

It usually depends on the cement you use and how many layers you are applying, how your countertop ends up looking, so you can easily customize and reface countertops with the way it fits your desired aesthetic.

Getting crafty with Epoxy Resin

You can get even more creative and use chalkboard paint or tile up your kitchen countertop instead of getting a whole new one. It is a lot more budget-friendly and cost-effective.

A very affordable and unique style suggested by a blog linked in the picture below is to line the countertop surface with pennies, preferably bronze ones to give the countertop a cool, vintage aura, and then pour epoxy resin or any other appropriate substitute for it over the pennies.

Once left to dry, the end result can be very satisfying and can entirely transform the way your kitchen looks.

Painting the surface

Another brilliant idea is to paint your kitchen countertop. Now here, there are several different options you can go for. There are various types of paints you can select from. The most reliable type is acrylic paint. However, painting a kitchen countertop is not as easy as it may seem.

There is a very important trick for that, which you need to remember- that is, to paint the countertop surface with a water-based acrylic primer, coat it with color, and lastly apply the topcoat. This would provide the perfect finishing for the countertop.

An alternative to using water-based acrylic primer could be to use an oil-based enamel primer and color and then top it off with a non-yellowing, oil-based polyurethane topcoat. If you can’t find a suitable type of topcoat, you can also use resin as a protective top layer as well.

Other than acrylic paints, you can also choose to spray paint your countertop. There is hardly any trick here – only to use it along with a spray-on primer and a topcoat.

A useful tip that might come in handy for you later if you plan to spray paint over your kitchen countertop is to cover the edges of the walls or any part of the kitchen that might be left open and exposed to the paint.

You can do so by using the good old masking tape over the area you want to avoid getting sprayed on.

There are quite a lot of ideas you can go for if you want to change the way your kitchen countertop looks without having to get it replaced. Click here to visit a blog you might find quite helpful in the matter.

If you want to get an entirely new countertop for your kitchen and replace the old one with it, there is an endless list of options you can consider for what material and type you can get, some of which will be discussed below.

Quartz all the way!

The most preferred and ideal material for a kitchen countertop is quartz. You can never ever go out of style with quartz. Typically, among kitchen countertop Mississauga, the ones made of quartz are hardly similar to those of marble and aren’t entirely pure.

They combine 95% ground natural quartz and 5% polymer resins. Quartz is quite a popular stone for interior designing, mainly due to its arresting appearance.

refinish countertops

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Quartz gives a minimalistic look to your kitchen and makes it appear majestic and luxurious at the same time.

This can hardly be said for most other materials used commonly, such as concrete.

To match with a quartz countertop, you can even stretch your budget a little more and get your kitchen walls tiled according to a similar color theme. It is usually light colors that always go well with quartz.

Good old marble

Marble, of course, can never not be a part of this list. Marble is probably just as much in demand as is quartz when it comes to interior designing and re-furnishing or renovating kitchens and bathrooms.

Despite having been around for ages, marble remains timeless and never fails to provide that subtle look of grandeur to whatever room it touches.

As heavy and expensive it may be, marble is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for perhaps a simple, minimalistic look, or even if you want a dark-themed kitchen. You can never go wrong with marble.

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Granite may sound like a very common and typical material to use for building a kitchen countertop, but there is a reason it is as common.

Granite is the best material you can go for if you have heavy utensils or appliances in your kitchen or if you are used to working roughly in the kitchen. Typically, expensive stones like quartz and marble provide a luxurious look to the kitchen, but they end up turning out to be a lot more brittle and vulnerable than granite.

Granite has heat-resistant properties, and it doesn’t blister, making it perfect for choosing as a material to build a kitchen countertop out of.

When it comes to building countertops, granite tops the list of luxurious stones- yes, even marble and quartz. It’s usually made through a mixture of mineral crystals like feldspar and quartz.

The white lines you see on a granite surface are the feldspar in it, while the light grey ones are quartz. The black area is usually mica.

Needless to say, granite makes up just as perfect of a kitchen countertop as do quartz and marble. However, installing an expensive countertop isn’t all that matters.

It’s the way you maintain it after installing it and whether or not the rest of the kitchen is designed in accordance with the countertop that matters.

Whatever material you choose needs to be decided depending on how much of a clatter there usually can be in your kitchen, whether or not whoever uses the kitchen can maintain a countertop that is, for instance, made of a heavy and expensive stone.

You can browse through various kitchen tips on the internet to help you make your kitchen look absolutely dashing.

Final touches with some chic décor!

Kitchen décor is a must-have. There is no way a kitchen countertop made with such a gorgeous material can be left bare. You have to decorate it and accessorize it with something.

Even if you want to keep it simple and minimal, you can always go for small white plant pots- they always end up looking adorable!

Of course, other things you can get for your kitchen décor are utensil holders or external dish racks. However, be careful not to get anything too heavy if the countertop is made of a material that can be easily chipped or cracked.

There you have it- seven up-to-date ideas to change up or reface countertops in a way that it gives your kitchen an awesome, contemporary look!

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