Room Decoration Planning in 8 Easy Steps

Do You Need To Decorate Your New Home?

Are You Wondering Where To Even Start?

It’s very exciting to take on a decorating project whether it’s a single room decoration or your entire new home but the very thought it can be daunting. You need to make the right decisions, the ones that will make you feel most comfortable and also proud of your home. Making bad decisions can be difficult to fix and costly so let’s talk about how we can make this go smoothly and hopefully stress-free.
Here are some 8 simple steps to help you get started with your room decoration project.

1. Make a Plan

The first thing you should consider when planning is whether you need to do any messy work like refinishing floors, tiling or painting. Try to get any of those types of projects done before you move in.

2. Pick a Budget

You may not be able to get the messy work done before you move in but at least you can figure out how much you will need to spend on them. Then you should decide how much you can spend on the furniture and other various decor items.

3. Choose a Style

Take some time to think about the over all feel and style that will make you comfortable. Once you choose the over all direction things will fall into place much easier.
Don’t start by going to a furniture store and buying your favourite sofa. This will set you on a path of trying to make everything else work around it.
Choose a style direction such as modern, traditional, eclectic, shabby chic or modern farmhouse etc.

4. Find Some Inspiration

Start searching around the web for inspiration. Go to Pinterest and Houzz and you will probably have more than enough t get you inspired. Narrow down specifically what you like and don’t like.
Start to price out some of the things you like so you can decide whether they are going to fit within your budget.

5. Time to Measure

This step is crucial. Measure the room dimensions for each room that you are planning to work on. Be sure to get the length, width and ceiling height. Then measure the size and position of any fixed items such windows, doors, stairs, fireplace or built-in cabinets etc.

6. Choose A Room

Now it’s time to focus on one room. Let’s pick the living room for example. Think about the things you definitely want in there. Will you be putting in an entertainment center? If so there are probably only 1 or 2 places it could go. Will it take up a whole wall or will it be something minimal?
Do you want a 3 seater sofa or maybe the room would suit a sectional. Would you like a couple of comfortable chairs or just small decorative chairs?
Make a list of all the things that you want to have in that room.

7. Make A Room Plan

Draw a Room Plan with a simple drawing of the shape of the room and draw in blocks to place your furniture and put in the measurements that you got in Step 3.
For best results, consider either using graph paper so that you can easily plan your room at scaled proportions or use one of the many free online room planning tools like
If you are planning to buy your furniture from a particular retailer like Ikea, Urban Barn, they have free online room planners that make it very easy. They know their sizes so when you drag and drop furniture into your room plan, the size is at scale and you can easily move pieces around to see where they will fit best.

8. It’s time to go shopping

If you decided on the latter option and used one a retailer’s room planner, the items will be listed in the planner and you can see exactly what the cost will be. This is a great time saver and if you are happy with the choices and the cost, you’re done. You can place the order and have it delivered all without leaving home.
Chances are that you will be buying items form several different stores. You can determine the cost and availability online so you don’t make unnecessary trips. You could also place the order over the phone or if you want to see the items first, go and visit the store and purchase the items there.
This approach will help you stay organized, focused and less stressed. Repeat these steps for each room that you need to decorate and start enjoying your new home!


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