Important Home Maintenance to Keep Your House in Top Shape

For most of us, buying and owning a home represents the biggest investment we’ll make in our lives. Therefore, it’s important we give our homes the tender loving care and attention they deserve to ensure they stay in top-tip condition through ownership and beyond.

While it’s true that few of us enjoy performing home maintenance work, regular upkeep remains an essential part of home ownership. A little repair work here and there will dramatically reduce the chances of bigger problems developing over time.

Reasons why routine home maintenance tasks are so important

Regular maintenance isn’t just good for the condition of your home. It also helps hold the value of a house, and, in many cases, could even add to its worth.

With the end of winter fast approaching and the promise of the longer days of spring just around the corner, here are a few of the more pressing maintenance jobs you should stay on top of to make the most of your home through the rest of the year.

Perform a thorough check of your roof

Winter can be especially hard on a house and its roof. Inclement weather, rain, wind, snow and ice all take their toll and it’s not uncommon for tiles to be shifted around or blown off by winter gusts.

You should inspect all roofing surfaces thoroughly to ensure you don’t fall victim to unwanted leaks. Remember to also check inside and outside surfaces. In many cases, the damage is more apparent on the interior of roofs than the exterior.

Also, check timber frames for signs of any dampness or other forms of damage or rot.

Check pipes and gutters for blocks or signs of damage

The increased winter rain (and snow) can take a heavy toll on gutters, pipes and drains which can frequently become blocked by fallen leaves or even collapse under the strain of so much weight (particularly snow and ice).

You should check for signs of ice damage caused by freezing water in pipes and gutters. Not spotting an issue early could result in damaging flows of water onto the walls of your home. If these are left untreated, it will cause significantly more damage further down the line.

Don’t forget to check your basement or foundations

Most homes suffer some form of structural movement over the years, but that doesn’t mean you should willingly contribute to problems by not keeping a close eye on your basement and foundations.

Problems encountered under your home can lead to massive issues if not addressed immediately, including, in extreme cases, entire homes having to be pulled down due to lack of structural support.

In most cases, foundation issues are caused by water build-up in the soil around a home. This can lead to hydrostatic pressure water being forced through cracks and crevices.

You shouldn’t take chances with structural repairs and maintenance. If you’re in any doubt, hire the services of a professional basement waterproofing company to come and take a look and perform any necessary repair work.

Check brickwork and paint

Water trapped and expanding as ice in brickwork can result in major problems on the exterior of your home. It could also result in associated problems on the interior. For example, cracks in bricks will only get worse with the arrival of more rain/ice and will likely lead to problems with water ingress.

Unfortunately, your home could suffer more from chilly drafts and heat loss because of damaged brickwork. You should also check for ripples or cracks in protective paintwork, most commonly caused by frost.

Be sure to repair any signs of wear and tear to avoid damaging the underlying material (e.g. wood or metal doors, fences, etc.)

We hope these Home Maintenance Tips have been helpful. Stay tuned for more to come.

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