When you buy high-quality patio furniture, protecting it from the elements is the first priority of the homeowner. The best you can do to protect the pricey couch is using a durable cover to prolong its life and keeping it intact. However not all couches are created equal, so you need to buy the best-suited options. 

Protection you need:

Different patio couches require varied levels of protection. So, if you need the right cover for the outdoor couch and protect it against the potential threats, here is what you need to consider. 

Know your expectations

Couch Covers

Buying a couch cover for the patio may see challenging and overwhelming if you’re not sure what to expect. Spend time reviewing the product to know the level of protection it needs from the outdoor elements. The sturdiness of the furniture may determine the material of the couch to buy. Do not buy any couch cover, but take some time to review the kind of material that may suit your needs. 

Waterproof and UV rating

If the patio couch is exposed to scorching sunlight during the day, try to invest in a cover with high UV to make it less brittle and stop it from fading. Besides, if the furniture is close to the pool or you leave it exposed in rain, you may need a cover to protect it from rotting and swelling. 

  1. Understanding the potential threats allow you to get better protection for the outdoor couch from the rain, snow, wind, dust, dirt, UV-rays, tree limbs, wild animals and insects.
  2. If you are not familiar with how to start looking for a couch cover, searching the internet may reveal a wide range of collections.
  3. You can compare the features of each material and study their pros and cons before choosing an option.
  4. The weather of your place is another factor you need to study closely before purchasing a couch cover. For instance, you need a fully-waterproof cover if it rains more on our area.

Measure the furniture

If you are yet to become familiar, couch covers need not extend up to the ground to allow the air to circulate with ease. Therefore, you must refrain from buying an oversized material. Just as you get the right measurements for you dress, a similar approach is necessary when buying a couch cover. Typically, the cover needs to provide good coverage and avoid the water to accumulate on the ground.

Breathable material

Although you may buy waterproof cover to protect the outdoor couch, it may not allow air to circulate and result in the development of mold and mildew. Therefore, you must invest in a material that is breathable and allow the couch to vent the air out.


You must look for seams of high quality to ensure the material is durable and able to last longer. Look out for double stitching, reinforced corners, elastic hems, etc. So that you do not need to buy a new piece after few months or weeks. 


To cover your patio couch against the weather changes, look out for an option that can protect the couch from all kinds of threats. For instance, if it is available with UV-resistant material to stop the sun’s yellowing effect on the couch. 


Most of the time you may take off the couch cover before regular cleaning except when you leave it outside during the winter. In that case, you may need a cover with machine washable material to ease your cleaning process.


Improve your patio couch using covers and give it a new look while protecting it from weather changes and other threats. So, buy the best-suited option to maintain the outdoor furniture for years without spending much.

1.  Read the features of each material before choosing one.

2. Seek the recommendations of an expert or someone who has bought couch cover before to avoid regrets in future.

3. Invest in the right size, durable and breathable covers for your outdoor furniture. 

4. Make sure to invest in a couch cover that has machine washable material.

5. In case you have pets, check if the sofa cover is pet-friendly or not before buying one for your couch.

6. In addition, just as it happens with kids, do not leave the scratch marks on the furniture by allowing them to sit on the couch with full weight.

Choosing the right one

The patio furniture often stays in storage and covered. You may also leave it in the patio if the area is covered. However, make sure you get proper protection for the furniture from the weather vagaries and allow it to stay intact. A pricey couch needs proper care during the odd seasons and a suitable cover is what it needs the most. 

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