Beautiful Contemporary Fireplace Ideas for Your Inspiration

Looking for contemporary fireplace ideas?

Whether you love classic cozy fireplaces or prefer a minimalistic aesthetic, we have some inspiration for you. Here’s a collection of beautiful fireplace ideas including a whole bunch from our Pinterest Board at the end.

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Beautiful custom made fireplace/tv wall. When you have this much room in your living space why not take advantage of it and have all the elements you desire built into that area. Mounting the fireplace and tv on a marble or a quartz back drop is one luxurious aesthetic. In this case it’s an excellent choice as it blends beautifully with the white clean color scheme of the room. The bookshelves framed in dark wood with the dark wood backdrop behind the shelving is a stark contrast that works beautifully.


fireplace ideas This is the classic case of taking something old and making it new again. A very simple way to update a brick fireplace is adding a coat of paint, in this case a beautiful white color was chosen to keep in the monochromatic scheme. Placing the dark accessories on top of the mantle along with some greenery ads a modern touch. The black and white patterned hearth added another interesting element to the overall look. The two sconces on either side of the fireplace ads a beautiful dimension and balance.


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A dramatic offset balance to this modern shape wall unit is created by inserting an electric fireplace/tv to the center part of the unit and balanced with a desk to complete a multi media unit look. All elements have different looks to them but still create balance to the complete picture.


fireplace ideas Vaulted ceilings can be difficult to work with especially if you have odd shaped walls. This is a perfect example of using an odd space and yet creating balance as well as elegance. The beautiful trim around the bookcase, mantle, and side of wall brings it all together. The herringbone pattern on the fireplace adds a stunning texture to the overall look.


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A gorgeous rustic look that utilizes the height of the room. This amazing wood fireplace is an all time classic. The white mantle adds a hint of a modern look a well as a modern piece of art that ties together the black frame of the fireplace and the white mantle. Perfect for cozy nights!


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Bring on the drama! There are so many elements here that all compliment one another. The dark black walls are a perfect backdrop to display eye catching accessories that pop. Touches of white and gold are a beautiful contrast to the black making this aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The beautifully painted fireplace with all the contrasts such as the white frame and the black and gray stone framing the wood fire gives it a dramatic, inviting appeal.

fireplace ideas This gorgeous stone fireplace though maybe oddly placed in this room is tastefully accented with a complimentary sitting chair that gives it a cozy feeling. A charming way to balance a fireplace that may be placed in an odd corner.


fireplace ideas A classic looking fireplace/tv that adds elegance to this room. Tastefully done, simple yet dramatic. The contrasting wall color makes the cream color of the fireplace stand out just enough for just the right amount of dramatic contrast. Simple fireplace accessories bring beauty and elegance to this look.

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Can this get any cozier? Stone, wood and shiplap all combined together bring the outside indoors. The accessories placed above the mantle some shabby chic as well as the modern picture complete the coziness of this look.

fireplace ideas

A gorgeous stone wall surrounded by the wood elements in the room brings elegance and a cohesiveness to the electric fireplace as the focal point in this picture. The floating mantle is a unique touch that creates balance between the tv and fireplace.

Here are some more Contemporary Fireplace ideas from our Pinterest Boards:


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