12 Mid Century Modern Accent Chairs – Beautiful & Affordable

Finding the perfect accent chair for your living room can be a real adrenaline rush. You just know when you’ve found the right one to make your room pop when you just gotta have it.

We’ve all gone through the experience of looking through hundreds of images where nothing grabs your attention. The seemingly endless possibilities are turning into a seemingly endless chore. Am I right?

We feel your pain so we are putting together collections of furniture and decor that we think are awesome. If we share similar tastes, these collections may save you some time searching.

You have come to the right place if you are looking for the perfect accent chair. Today we rounded up some beautiful, affordable Mid Century Modern accent chairs. They are timeless replicas and variations of classic mid-century modern designs.

You can’t go wrong with these chairs.


Mid Century Modern Accent Chairs

Mid Century Modern Chair 1
Mid Century Modern Chair 2
Mid Century Modern Chair 4
Mid Century Modern Chair 5
Mid Century Modern Chair 9
Mid Century Modern Chair 8
Mid Century Modern Chair 6
Mid Century Modern Chair 7
Mid Century Modern Chair 11
Mid Century Modern Chair 10
Mid Century Modern Chair 12
Mid Century Modern Chair 3

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Things to consider before purchasing your Mid Century Modern Accent Chair

  1. Functionality
    Will you use the chair primarily for decoration or function? If you plan to sit in it to watch TV or read a book, you will want to make sure it is comfortable to sit in for long periods.
  2. Design
    Will it fit in with the decor and other furniture you have?
  3. Color
    DO you want the color of this chair to blend in with the rest of the decor or do you want it to stand out? If you want it to be a feature consider a bright bold color unlike anything else in the room.
  4. Fabric
    The color is important and so is the texture. Consider a velvet texture for more elegant or formal decor. Leather is great for relaxed and chic decor. You can also choose from a wide variety of natural and synthetic fabric blends that are great for both comfort and durability.

Finally, think about your budget.

Accent Chairs can be a great addition to your room decor and there are endless options. You can find great accent chairs starting at very modest prices and of course, you can find plenty of high-end designer chairs or even authentic vintage chairs.

We hope this article helps you find a modestly priced Mid-Century Modern Accent Chair that can transform your room make your home unique.


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