8 Small Kitchen Ideas for Amazing Results

Are you looking for small kitchen ideas? Whether you’re planning a kitchen remodel or minor upgrades you have probably discovered there a unique set of challenges involved. One of those problems is that you naturally want to put in lots of storage space but sometimes it can make the kitchen feel smaller.

Here are some remedies for improving a small kitchen.

Small Kitchen Ideas for Remodeling or Upgrading

1 | Choose open shelves

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One common problem with small kitchens is that they can feel claustrophobic when there are too many cupboards packed right into this minimal area. Eliminating them is normally not always a choice when you have a lot of things you need to store. Open cupboards or shelves may be the remedy to this problem because it solves that ‘boxed in’ feeling. Open shelving give you the chance to use ceramic containers, beautiful glasses, baskets and other decorative pieces.

Also consider a getting a few upper cabinet doors with glass front cabinets to reduce the boxed-in look.

# 2. Add a kitchen area island

small kitchen ideas -Add a kitchen area island

Small kitchen areas do not have sufficient counter space. When you don’t have space or budget for a stationary island, a portable island or cart with wheels may be the solution if sufficient food prep area is lacking.

# 3. Mix textures and add geometric patterns

small kitchen ideas-Mix textures and add geometric patterns

Beautiful geometric patterns can add a wow factor to your small kitchen. Patterns can add beautiful texture, depth and make your kitchen look bigger than it really is by tricking your eyes a little.

Tiles, wallpaper, or other kitchen accessories, like a floor runner are elements where you can apply these geometric shapes.

Warning: Don’t over do it on the geometric patterns. You could end up making your kitchen look chaotic.

# 4. Select moveable seating

small kitchen ideas - stools

Chairs as well as benches take up also much room. Backless stools can provide adequate seating without getting in your way. Visually they give the impression of a spaciousness.

# 5. Hang your pots and pans

small-kitchen-ideas-Hang your pots and pans

Pot and pans are bulky take up valuable cupboard space. One solution for that is to hang a pot rack on an empty wall of above the kitchen island. It’s functional and stylish.

# 6. Include touches of color

small kitchen ideas touches of color

If the kitchen is little, a solitary light wall color is a good start. Light colors make a room look bigger while dark colors have the opposite effect. Save darker colors for accents and texture.

A colorful backsplash can really bring it all together. Try a mix of ceramic and glass tiles. To make the room look wider, try horizontal subway tiles.

# 7. Enhance your kitchen with the perfect lighting

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There are are so many lighting options that can help transform the area completely.

Install lights beneath your upper cabinets. It adds elegance and provides excellent lighting for food preparation. If you have an island, pendant lights are a great choice as they create a beautiful ambiance. If pot lights in the ceiling are an option, you can’t go wrong there. If you can’t add pot lights, a good alternative is track lighting. You can point the track lights where you need light the most.

If you can’t find what your looking for at Home Depot and Lowes, then try Amazon or other online stores. With the endless selection you will certainly find beautiful lights that are within your budget.

# 8. Use beautiful top-quality flooring

small kitchen ideas - flooring

Beautiful flooring can truly transform your small kitchen. Ceramic tile is generally used in kitchens however laminate and vinyl flooring have come a long way in design and quality.

They are commonly used now partly because they are much easier to install. Sometimes you can even install laminate flooring right on top of the existing ceramic tile. It saves you from getting out the jack hammer and the whole mess or removing ceramic tile.

Some of the laminate and vinyl flooring looks just like wood.

We hope you find these small kitchen ideas useful when you do your kitchen improvements.

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